Ufone Internet Packages 2023 - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Bundles

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A: Yes, Ufone offers free Facebook services for its users.

A: Ufone offers UPower cards to choose packages instead of a customized bundle offer.

A: You can get your Ufone internet SIM at Rs. 200/- by visiting the nearest retailer.

A: By dialing *706# or downloading My Ufone App, user can check their remaining internet data.

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan. It offers various internet packages to its customers. The internet packages by Ufone are very competitive and offer good value for money. Ufone provides a variety of data plans which are suitable for both light and heavy users.

Ufone Internet Packages 2023

The Ufone internet packages are affordable and offer a good amount of data. The company also offers unlimited data plans, which are perfect for everyone.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Ufone offers a variety of daily internet packages to its customers. Customers can connect these packages to their social media accounts, email, and other online services.

Ufone offers several Internet bundles, which provide excellent value for money. The most popular is the Daily Light Offer, which gives 40MB of data and 1GB of social data for Rs. 5/- per day.

Other popular packages include the Best Morning Package, which offers 2GB data (9 AM-12 PM) for Rs. 7/-, and the Daily Off Peak Plus, which gives users 1.5GB data (6 AM-6 PM) for Rs. 13/-.

Another package, Mega Internet, is perfect for midnight users. This package offers 2GB of data usable from 12 AM-12 PM at Rs. 20/-. Ufone also brought a Daily WhatsApp Offer at Rs. 1.5/- only with 100MBs daily. An All-in-One Best Day Offer allows users to get 500MBs for Facebook and 500 U-U/PTCL minutes at Rs. 16/-.

Ufone is now offering an hourly Ufone Streaming Offer for its customers. For Rs. 10/-, you can enjoy 500MB of data for Youtube and Dailymotion. Ufone social offers have a Ufone Daily Whatsapp Offer with 100MB Whatsapp data for Rs 12/-.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Check out Ufone’s weekly deals if you’re looking for a good value mobile internet package.

For Rs. 160/-, you can get 1.5GB of data for the week. And if you need more data, you can opt for the 25GB data (1 AM-9 AM) of Internet Max Offer for only Rs. 90/-. These packages are perfect for staying connected without spending too much money.

Ufone offers a Weekly Internet Plus package at Rs. 220/-. This offer is valid for one week and allows customers to have 10GB of data to use as they please. The 5GB from 1 AM to 9 AM is a bonus for those who like to stay up late or wake up early.

Ufone has recently come out with two new All-in-One packages. The Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer and the Ufone Sab Se Bari Plus Offer.

Both packages offer 40GB of fast internet data and 5000 U-U/PTCL minutes at Rs. 229/- and Rs. 350/-, respectively. The Sab Se Bari Plus Offer includes 200 Off-Net minutes and 5000 SMS at the same price. These offers are great for those who want to make the most of their money.

With the Ufone Best Weekly Offer, You can enjoy browsing, chatting and playing games on Facebook. The offer also provides 1000 On-Net minutes with 2GB Facebook data at Rs. 130/-.

Ufone has introduced a new offer for its customers, which includes 1000 MB of data, 100 U-U minutes and 100 SMS at Rs. 300/-. The company has christened this offer as the Asli Chappar Phaar Offer.

Ufone offers Haftawar Internet offers for its customers in different cities. The company provides 2GB of data at Rs. 160/- for the people of Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Hafizabad.

Last but not least, Ufone Tiktok Offer gives 1.5GB data at Rs. 70/-., while the Snackvideo Offer has 2.5GB data at Rs. 70/-. Remember to subscribe to Weekly Youtube Offer if you want to watch non-stop movies. This bundle offers 5GB of Youtube data at Rs. 120/-.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone offers a variety of monthly internet packages for its customers. The most popular is the Social Monthly Bundle, which gives users 1GB for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter at Rs. 75/-. For those who want non-stop internet, Ufone offers a Super Internet Plus Package. It offers 18GB of data (including 9GB from 1 AM-9 AM) for Rs. 549/-.

Ufone comes up with amazing Monthly Facebook Offer and Monthly Whatsapp Offer. Both the bundles offer 6GB of social data at Rs. 100/- and Rs. 60/- respectively.

Ufone has announced a Monthly Heavy Internet 30GB bundle, including 15GB between 1 AM and 9 AM. This is an excellent option for users who do a lot of online activity or need a lot of data for their work. The price is also very reasonable at Rs. 730/-, making it an attractive option for many users.

To attract more customers, Ufone has introduced a Monthly Lite Cashback Offer. Under the offer, subscribers will get 1GB of data for browsing and 2GB for social media usage at Rs. 250/-, with a cashback of Rs 50/-.

This is not the first time that Ufone has come up with an innovative pricing strategy to lure in customers. With its family Package, Ufone offers All-in-One services at Rs. 1,999/- for all family members. The package includes 10,000 U-U/PTCL, 800 Off-Net minutes, 6000SMS and 30GB data.

On the other hand, Ufone Super Card Family Packages have much more for families. The Super Card Gold offers 24GB of data, Unlimited U-U/PTCL calls and SMS with 600 Off-Net minutes at Rs. 1,009/-.

With Super Card Max, users can avail of 14GB of data, Unlimited On-Net calls, 350 Off-Net minutes and 4500 SMS at Rs. 749/-.

Super Card Plus comes up with 10GB data at Rs. 699/-. This offer includes 2000 U-U/PTCL minutes, 225 Off-Net minutes and 4200 SMS.

Ufone Other Internet Packages

Ufone offers different internet packages with various data limits for customers.

Ufone’s UPower card allows users to choose between data, an All-in-One package, all-network minutes and ON-Net minutes. This makes it an excellent option for those who want the flexibility to choose what they need. The UPower Cards are available for 1 Day, 2 Days and 7 Days for different price tags.

The iPhone Bucket is an attractive package. This is a special package for iPhone users. It offers 3GB and 5GB of data with a 3mbps speed for 30 days at Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 18000/-, respectively.

The All-in-One Super Cards, such as Super Recharge and Super Mini, offers 2 days and 15 days validity periods. Both these packages provide a lot in less to keep their users engaged in surfing and streaming.