Latest Ghani Bike Prices in Pakistan 2023

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A: Yes, Ghani bike is a Pakistani manufacturer of motorcycles.

A: They are worth buying because they provide performance and comfortable rides.

A: No, Ghani bikes are less expensive to maintain. You need to change the oil. Otherwise, they are reliable and affordable.

A: The Ghani Gi 70 is Pakistan's latest model of Ghani bikes.


Ghani Automobile Industries is one of the most respected motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan. With a history dating back to early 2005, Ghani Automobile has introduced many innovative and iconic motorcycles. They also produce rikshaws, loaders and bike rickshaws.

Ghani Bikes in Pakistan

Ghani Bikes have released its latest model, the Ghani Gi 70. This model comes in two variants of self-start and kick-start. These bikes will hit customers looking for a reliable and affordable motorcycle.

The bikes are available in different colours, and each model has extra features. These bikes have sturdy frames and powerful engines. Ghani bikes are cheap and easy to maintain. The company also offers a warranty on the bikes.