Zong SMS Packages 2023 - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Bundles

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A: You can check your Zong number by SMS also. Just type MNP and send it to 667. You will shortly receive the information.

A: There is a 5000 SMS in a Zong monthly package.

A: By dialing *3031# or logging into My Zong App, you can create Zong bundles of your choice.

A: Dial *705# or SMS < sub> to 700. You will receive a message with bundle details to choose from.

Zong SMS Packages

Zong is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan. It offers different SMS packages to its customers daily, weekly, and monthly. Customers can subscribe to any of these packages according to their needs. In addition, new Zong SMS packages are available, which are exceptional and save money on bills.

Zong SMS Packages 2023

Zong offers a variety of SMS packages that are very beneficial and convenient. With Zong SMS packages, you can stay connected with your friends and family at an affordable price.

Zong Daily SMS Packages

The Zong daily SMS package allows customers to send an unlimited SMS to any network in Pakistan. With a variety of package options, there is a Zong daily SMS package for everyone.

To keep its customers satisfied, Zong has introduced a new DAILY SMS + WhatsApp Bundle. For a low price of Rs. 7/-, customers can now enjoy 500SMS and 30MB WhatsApp for a whole day. This is an incredible value and will surely keep Zong’s customers happy.

Another daily SMS package is Zong Daily Shandaar Offer. This offer lets customers get 800 SMS and 50MB data at Rs. 17/-. It also gives unlimited Zong calls, making this bundle a complete package for everyone. You can subscribe to this one-day SMs package by dialing *999#.

Zong has introduced an offer for its customers in Sindh province, excluding Karachi. With the Zong Daily Mehran Offer, customers can enjoy unlimited Zong calls and 500 SMS for just Rs. 26/-. If you want to subscribe to this offer, dial *2345# from your mobile.

By spending just Rs. 4/-, you can quickly get a great Zong SMS package for daily use. The Zong Zulu SMS Package gives 500 SMS with 1MB of data to help you to connect with people for the whole day.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong is a Pakistani GSM mobile operator. It offers a variety of SMS packages with different durations and price points. The most popular weekly SMS package is the Weekly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle. It gives users 1300 SMS and 200MB for WhatsApp to use within a week. To subscribe to this weekly offer, dial *702# at Rs. 32/-.

Another Zong weekly SMS package is Zong Haftawar Load Offer. With this offer, you can get 2500 SMS, 2500 On-Net minutes, 2.5GB of data, and 80 Off-Net minutes at Rs. 250/-. Some All-in-One Zong packages are also for those who want everything in one package without paying much.

Telenor Weekly HLO package is also an All-in-One package. It offers 12GB of data, 500 SMS, and unlimited Zong minutes + 100 Off-Net minutes. The users can subscribe to this bundle by dialing *70# at Rs. 340/-.

With the Zong Weekly premium package, users can get unlimited SMS with 20GB of data. In addition, this package includes unlimited Zong and 180 Off-minutes at Rs. 385/-. If you want this fantastic package, dial *225#. This offer is perfect for heavy users who want to stay in touch with their loved ones at a low cost.

Zong Weekly AIO is another bundle for those who want an All-in-One. This offer gives 5000 SMS and Zong minutes plus 60 Off-Net minutes and 4GB of data at Rs. 220/-.

Subscribers of Zong can now enjoy unlimited SMS at a low price with the Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer. This offer is available for all Zong customers who want to enjoy unlimited SMS and Zong calls without worrying about their monthly limit.

The package also includes 8GB of internet data and 60 Off-Net minutes and costs Rs. 160/- per week. To subscribe to this offer, just dial *20#.

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Being Pakistan’s top telecommunication company, Zong always brings excellent offers for its customer. Zong’s and every monthly SMS package has its benefits and features. There are many Zong monthly SMS packages, and the Monthly Supreme offer is a hit.

This package offers 5000 SMS, 5000 Zong + 350 Off-Net minutes, and 20GB of data at Rs. 999/-. This monthly bundle is perfect for everyone who needs more calls, texts, and data for a whole month. To subscribe to this offer, dial *3030#.

Another SMS package for the whole month is Monthly Super Card. With this card, customers get uninterrupted unlimited calls and SMS. This Super card also includes 10GB of data and 250 Off-Net minutes, so what are you waiting for? Just dial *50# and make yourself tension-free for a month at Rs. 699/-.

There is also a Zong Family Bundle, Monthly Pro Offer, and Monthly Super Star Offer. All these bundles give fantastic features at very reasonable price tags.

If you are looking for a package that only offers SMS, the Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp bundle is your best option. This offer gives 500 SMS per day at Rs. 75/- only. You can get 30MB daily for WhatsApp by subscribing to this offer. Dial *705# and get this offer now.

Zong Other SMS Packages

Besides Zong daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages. There are a lot of Zong’s other SMS packages, which are not only impressive but also very reasonable. For example, Zong is offering Zong SIM Lagao Offer, Monthly Karachi Offer, and Monthly Social Offer.

Zong is also giving its customers some flexible options, such as Zong Full Gup Package for those who want to pay less and want more. This offer has 30MBs, 100 SMS, and 75 On-Net minutes for one day for Rs. 5/-.

Besides, the company has various mobile plans tailored to meet the needs of different cities. For example, the company offers a plan that gives unlimited minutes and texts to users in Karachi, while another offers unlimited data to users in Islamabad.