Latest Unique Bike Prices in Pakistan 2023

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A: The lowest-priced Unique bike in Pakistan is the Unique CD-125, which starts at Rs 75500/-.

A: Unique Crazor UD-150 is the most expensive Unique bike in Pakistan, which is available at Rs. 170000/-.

A: Unique bikes are reliable because they use advanced technology and high-quality materials.

A: Unique bikes are popular because they are affordable at a price. Their sleek and stylish designs make them ideal for everyone.


D.S. motors were first introduced in Pakistan in 2004. The company offers a wide range of loaded vehicles and motorcycles in Pakistan.

D.S Motors has had a strong presence in Pakistan since its start. Their vehicles are well-built and offer good value for money.

Their Unique bikes in Pakistan are a vital part of the country’s culture and economy. These bikes are a symbol of the Pakistani people’s resourcefulness and creativity. Unique bikes offer a wide range of superbikes that cater to Pakistani consumers’ different needs.

Unique Bikes in Pakistan

Unique bikes are top-rated in Pakistan. There are many models for both commuting and racing. Some popular brands include Unique UD 125, Unique Crazor UD-150, and Unique Xtreme UD 70.

These Unique bikes are fully designed and built to meet the specific needs of their users. Their features include powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and aggressive styling. These bikes offer great value for money and are becoming popular among Pakistani riders.

The Chinese company Unique has come up with high-performance models in Pakistan. The Unique UD 125 is a best-selling motorcycle of Unique Superbikes. It has a powerful engine and sleek design, making it perfect for city commuting.

The Unique Crazor UD-150 has excellent features, such as an electric start. It also has an extra-wide deck, and large wheels, making it ideal for off-road riding. The Xtreme UD 70 has a lightweight yet durable frame, making it perfect for tricks and stunts.