Telenor Packages 2023 - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Bundles

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A: The users can check their remaining Telenor MBs by dialing *999#.

A: To subscribe to Telenor 6 to 6 offer, dial *71#.

A: The Telenor helpline code is 345 or +92 (42) 111 345 100.

A: By dialing *8888#, you can check your Telenor SIM number.

Telenor Offers

Telenor is one of the country’s leading telecom providers. It offers various affordable and convenient packages for its customers. Telenor has something to offer everyone, whether you are looking for a basic plan or want to add extras. And with Telenor’s easy-to-use online portal, it’s easy to find the perfect package anytime.

Telenor Pakistan History

Telenor Pakistan is a GSM, HSPA, LTE, and 5G mobile network operator in Pakistan. The company is a subsidiary of the Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor Group.

Telenor Pakistan has been operational since 2004. It serves more than 49 million subscribers. The company offers prepaid and postpaid voice and data services on its 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Besides, Telenor also provides mobile banking and other value-added services like EasyPaisa.

Telenor Packages 2023

Telenor packages for 2023 offer a variety of options for users to choose from. In addition, it includes several attractive bundles for the customers, no matter the price range.

Telenor Daily Packages

Telenor Prepaid customers can choose from various daily, weekly and monthly packages. The most popular daily package is the Telenor Djuice Prime Time Offer. It offers unlimited calls from 9 AM – 9 PM for Rs. 5/- per day. For those who want more data, the Telenor Daily OffPeak bundle offers 1.5GB of data for Rs. 15/-.

Telenor provides the best SMS packages for their DJuice and Talk Shawlk users. All of them are affordable and have a lot of benefits, but the Telenor Daily SMS Package is popular. This offer gives 240 SMS at Rs. 4.78/-, and the subscription code is *345*116#.

Telenor Good Time Offer is the best choice if you want unlimited calls and data. By dialing *345*20#, you will get 250 MBs with unlimited calls at Rs. 6/-.

The Telenor Daily Social Pack offers 70MB of data for Facebook and Whatsapp at Rs. 2.5/-, while the Telenor Facebook Flex has 1GB of Facebook data. This offer is free of cost.

With the Telenor Daily Youtube Package, you can watch your favorite movie or get news updates at Rs. 8/-. Users can activate this offer by dialing *60# and getting 500 MBs of data.

Telenor Weekly Packages

Telenor is currently offering weekly packages to its customers. These weekly packages provide various benefits, including free minutes, texts, and data.

Telenor offers different weekly packages, but its most demanding one is Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package. The Telenor EasyCard Weekly Bundle is also an exciting package. Both packages provide a lot of calls, SMS, and internet data at a very affordable price range.

The Telenor 4G Weekly Max Package is ideal for internet users. It offers 30GB of data at Rs. 55/-. To subscribe to this Weekly Max Offer, dial *19#.

One of the most popular packages offered by Telenor is the weekly SMS bundle. It allows customers to enjoy 2000 SMS at a very affordable price of Rs. 17/-.

Some special packages are Telenor Weekly Sports Package and Telenor Weekly Video Package. Both packages provide amazing streaming discounts on YouTube, Cricwick, and Tiktok.

Telenor Monthly Packages

With the Telenor monthly packages, customers can easily find unique bundles. These offers are fully designed to keep the need of their customers in mind.

One of the popular monthly Telenor offers includes Telenor Mahana Budget Package. This is an ideal bundle for those who want to pay less. This bundle offers 300 On-Net minutes, 10 Off-Net minutes, and 3GB of data at Rs. 80/-.

The Telenor 4G Light Package is perfect for light users of the internet. This offer provides 4GB of data at Rs. 60/-. To subscribe to this offer, dial *301#. For heavy users, The Telenor Mega Monthly Offer is just WOW! For Rs. 180/-, users can get 100GB of data for a whole month with this Mega offer.

Social All-in-One Package is also a fantastic offer with 8GB of data for Facebook and Whatsapp at Rs. 130/-. This bundle also provides 250 On-Net minutes.

There is a wide range of Telenor EasyCards available to entertain Telenor customers. Telenor EasyCard 1000 is quite popular because it provides 7000, 450 Off-Network minutes, 10000 SMS, and 15GB of data at Rs. 900.

Telenor Other Packages

Besides them, some special Telenor packages are also available. These packages offer 3-Day, 2-Day, and 15-Day validity and have a lot of benefits for calls and data. The three-day Hybrid Package is impressive as it offers 150 MBs of data, 150 On-Net, 15 Off-Net minutes, and 150 SMS at Rs. 50/-.

To activate this offer, dial *345*210#. Some other Telenor 3 days packages are Telenor 3/3 Offer, 3-Day Sahulat Offer, and 3-Day Plus Packages.

Telenor offers some of the best free offers, such as the Sim Lagao Offer. By activating this offer, users can get free MBs, minutes, and SMS without paying a penny. All you need to this, insert your powered-off SIM and send an SMS to 2222.

Telenor’s international packages are excellent options. In addition, the company’s extensive coverage and wide range of features make it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses.

The Telenor International Voice Bundle offers three daily, weekly and monthly plans.

The daily offer includes 10 international minutes at Rs. 16/-. For weekly, Telenor has 70 minutes at Rs. 85/-. Also, for Rs. 350/-, Telenor is offering 300 international minutes.