Ufone Packages 2023 - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Bundles

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A: You can talk to Ufone customer care by dialing 333 from Ufone numbers or 051-111-333-100 by any network.

A: There are many Ufone packages for daily, weekly and monthly. These packages offer discounted calls and internet data for everyone.

A: By subscribing to Ufone Monthly Cashback Lite Offer, you can get Rs. 50/- in return on every recharge.

A: Ufone is giving an advance loan of Rs. 20/- by dialing *456#.

Ufone Offers

In Pakistan, cell phone companies are introducing new packages that appeal to customers. Ufone is one of the leading telecommunication providers in Pakistan. It offers various internet and call packages. In addition, the company has many postpaid and prepaid Ufone packages for its customers.

Ufone Pakistan History

Ufone is the third GSM cellular service provider to enter the Pakistani market. It started its operations in 2001, and its headquarters is in Islamabad. Ufone is now holding the Pakistani network market with over 23 Million customers.

Ufone Packages 2023

Ufone has announced its new packages for the year 2023. These include bundles for calls, texts, and internet data. The new Ufone packages offer more value for money and a better experience.

Ufone Daily Packages

Ufone daily Packages are the most popular and affordable packages for prepaid customers. With these packages, customers can make unlimited calls and texts.

There are different Ufone daily Packages, but the most popular one is Ufone Beyhisaab Offer at Rs. 15.5/-. The Ufone Best Day offer is another impressive bundle. Under this offer, customers can avail of 500 U-U/PTCL minutes and 500 MBs for Facebook at Rs. 16/-. For subscription, customers need to dial *6060#.

Ufone is back with another great offer for all you Social media freaks out there. Now you can enjoy 100MB WhatsApp data for Rs. 1.5/- with Daily WhatsApp Offer. But that’s not all; with the Ufone Daily Light Offer, you also get 1GB for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for Rs. 14/-.

The Daily Package allows you to enjoy 1600 SMS for Rs. 4.77/-. This offer is available 24 hours by sending SMS to 605.

Ufone Weekly Packages

Ufone always brings some fantastic packages for its customers. For example, there are a lot of Ufone weekly packages available, which are not just limited to data. In addition, you can get weekly packages that are quite suitable for mobile phone users.

One of the most popular packages is Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer. Under this offer, users can get 700 U-U/PTCL minutes and 100MB data at Rs. 115/-. This package is ideal for callers who want to talk more than texting. To subscribe to this package, dial *8888#.

Another most demanding Ufone package is the Ufone Best Weekly Offer. This package includes 2GB of Facebook data and 1000 On-Net minutes at Rs. 130/-. If you want to subscribe to this Ufone call package, dial *7070#.

For those who want to enjoy unlimited U2U & PTCL minutes. Dial *6789# and subscribe to the Ufone Talk-Time Offer at Rs. 52.17/-.

Ufone offers a variety of weekly packages that offer non-stop internet data. For example, the Upower Internet Offer gives 16GB of data, of which 8GB is for usage around 2 AM-2 PM. This package is available for Rs. 250/-, and the subscription code is *270#.

The Ufone Sab Se Bari Plus Offer is also incredible, giving an All-in-One place. It offers 40GB of data, 5000 On-Net, 200 Off-Net minutes, and 5000 SMS at only Rs. 350/-. So if you want a lot of calls and the internet for browsing, streaming, and connecting with people, then dial *7777#.

By receiving the lowest rates of all time, Ufone Weekly SMS Bucket is for those who like to remain connected in an inexpensive way. This offer gives 1250 SMS for Rs. 11.95/-. To subscribe to this weekly SMS package, send SMS to 608.

Ufone Monthly Packages

Ufone’s primary focus has been on the people of Pakistan. It provides the best Ufone monthly packages at a very nominal price. The Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer is an All-in-One offer with cheap calls and data at Rs. 460/- only. By dialing *8888#, users can get 400MB of data and 4000 On-Net minutes for a whole month.

Super Card Family Packages are also very beneficial yet affordable offers by Ufone. With different packages to choose from, there is something for everyone. For example, with Super Gold Offer, get unlimited On-Net calls, SMS, and 600 Off-Net minutes with 24GB data at Rs. 1099/-.

Under the Super Card Max package, users will get 14GB of data, 4500 SMS, 350 Off-Net, and unlimited On-net calls. To subscribe to this offer, dial *629# at Rs. 749/- only.

Ufone Other Packages

Ufone packages provide facilities for whole family members. However, the Ufone Mini Super Card is just beyond the needs. It is valid for 15 days for those who want something between weekly and monthly offers.

With this super card, users will get 75 Off-Net, 600 On-Net minutes, 1GB of data, and 3500 SMS at Rs. 349/-. To subscribe to this super card, dial *230# or visit any retail shop.

Super Recharge Offer is the best pick if you want an All-in-One bundle with two days’ validity. It includes 20 Off-Net, 300 On-Net minutes, 700 SMS, and 100MBs of data at Rs. 70/- only.

If you are running out of balance and need urgent calls, then for just Rs. 7.5/-, you can subscribe to the Best call Offer. It gives 2-hour unlimited calls by dialing *343#.

Ufone also offers a Yearly SMS Bucket with unlimited SMS at Rs. 795/-. To subscribe to this offer, SMS to 601.

Now users can call any network in Pakistan for just Rs. 2.99 / minute with the UWon package. Dial *444*# to subscribe to this offer and enjoy the least call rates to any network.

Ufone also offers Sim Lagao Offer and Nayi SIM Offer. Both packages provide free calls, data, and SMS to enjoy freebies.

The Ufone Fortnight SMS Offer gives 10,500 at Rs. 39.33/-. It has a validity of 14 days, and to avail, send an SMS to 603.