Zong Packages 2023 - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Bundles

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A: The Zong Combo Pack offers 3GB of data and 50 All-network minutes for 15 days at Rs. 200/-.

A: Zong provides a free service that allows customers to save mobile balances. To get this offer, dial *4004#.

A: Dial *222# to check the remaining Zong balance.

A: Yes, WhatsApp is free on Zong SIM.

Zong Offers

Zong’s wide variety of cost-effective and top-quality services are unique in the market. Zong provides high-quality services, whether calling, SMS delivering, or internet roaming. In addition, many Zong packages available have different features and uses.

Zong Pakistan History

Zong Mobile is a subsidiary of a company called China Mobile. Zong is Pakistan’s third-largest mobile network operator, with over 44 million customers. Zong started its business in Pakistan in 2008, and its headquarter is in Islamabad.

Zong has invested in Pakistan’s telecom infrastructure. As a result, it became the country’s leading mobile voice and data services, provider. They also started offering financial services such as mobile payments through PayMax. Zong is also an official partner of the Bank of Punjab.

Zong Packages 2023

Zong has announced new net, call, and SMS packages for its customers in 2023. The new packages offer more data and minutes than ever, making Zong the ideal choice for everyone to stay connected.

Zong Daily Packages

The daily packages offer a variety of benefits that include unlimited calls and texts, as well as data. In addition, customers can choose from different package options depending on their needs.

Zong Shandaar Daily Package is the most used one because it is an All-in-One package with a nominal price of Rs. 14/-. This offer provides unlimited On-Net calls, 800 SMs, and 50MBs of data. If you want to get this offer, then dial *999#.

Another All-in-One Zong package for daily use is Zong Perfect Package. This bundle is available at Rs. 12/- but offers quality services of 10000 On-Net minutes, 500 SMS, and 40MBs of data. This offer is ideal for those who want more calls for the whole day.

Zong offers two different types of social media packages. The first package provides free access to Facebook, while the second gives customers 20MBs for Twitter at Rs.2/-. Also, the Zong Daily SMS+WhatsApp package provides 500 SMS and 30MBs for WhatsApp at Rs. 7/-.

Zong also provides a Non-Stop Offer for those who want unlimited daily calls. To subscribe to this offer, dial *777# at Rs. 10/-. In addition, Zong is also offering an exclusive daytime offer for Ramzan. For only Rs. 12/-, customers can get 1GB of the internet from 4 AM-7 PM. To avail of this offer, customers need to dial *247#.

Zong Good Night 3G/4G Bundle is also a great initiative by Zong. This offer is for those midnight users who want non-stop browsing and chatting. It gives 2.5GB of data from 1 AM-9 AM. Users can subscribe to this Good Night Offer by sending an SMS to 6464 at Rs. 16/-.

Zong’s new Classified Pack Offer is something special. For only Rs. 10/- per day, users get 50 MB of free data on Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels, and Carmudi. That’s a lot of data for classifieds websites. To activate this offer, just dial *6464#.

Zong Weekly Packages

Zong has always been one of the most affordable network providers, and its weekly packages reflect that.

The company has now come up with new and improved weekly packages, which are even more affordable and convenient for its customers.

There are various Zong weekly packages for different uses. The most used weekly SMS package is Zong Weekly SMS Bundle. This offer allows users to get 1500 SMS and 200MBs of data at Rs. 21/-.

Zong has brought some fantastic packages for its customers. Youtube lovers also can enjoy 8GB of Youtube data for Rs. 100/-. Now, you can watch online movies, streaming, and anything on Youtube without interruption.

Zong All-in-One Weekly Bundle is also quite the best option for everyone. It offers 1000 On-Net, 40 Off-Net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 1GB of data at Rs. 200/-. To activate this offer, dial *6464#>4>1.

Zong Super Weekly Max Offer gives internet users what they want: more data for their money. This package provides 30GB of data at Rs. 299/-.

The best part of the Super Weekly Max is that it’s for more than social media users and light internet browsers. It is perfect for streamers, online gamers, and anyone who needs a lot of data to get through their week.

Zong also offers different weekly packages for the customers of Karachi and Punjab. These packages have a lot of features at low price tags. Overall, Zong’s weekly packages are fully designed to appeal to customers.

Zong Monthly Packages

Zong monthly packages are the perfect way to stay connected with friends and family. With Zong, you can choose various package options that fit your needs and budget. So whether you need unlimited calls, texts, or data, Zong has a package for you. And with Zong’s convenient online recharge, it’s easy to keep your account topped up.

Zong Monthly Shandaar Package is one of the most popular packages, offering 1000 On-Net, 100 Off-Net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 1GB of data at Rs. 300/-.

Another most used Zong monthly package is Zong Monthly Power Pack 500. This offer offers 1000 On-Net, 50 )ff-Net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 2.5GB of data. This offer is perfect for those who need everything in one package. The price of this Power Pack is Rs. 500/- and its subscription code is *1313#.

Zong monthly social packages are also available in different options. For example, the Monthly Whatsapp Offer, Monthly IMO offer, and Monthly Facebook Offer are available at every lowest price range.

Zong also offers monthly international packages such as UK Data Roaming Bundle, China IR Business Offer, and Iran Ziyarat Call Package. In addition, with the UAE & Oman IR Data Bundle, users can get 2GB of data at Rs. 2000/-. This package allows you to enjoy your Zong SIM data while abroad.

Zong Other Packages

Zong has always been one of the most popular networks in Pakistan. This is because it offers quality services at an affordable price. The network has now come up with exciting offers for its customers. Under these offers, customers can get free data and minutes on their Zong SIMs.

There are various Zong other packages in which the SIM Lagao Offer is free. Get unlimited data, calls, and SMS by inserting your powered-off SIM again.

Another package, the Zong Apna Shehar Package, is available in different options. The Zong Sindh Offer is perfect for residents of Sindh. To get this offer, dial *54#. It includes 5000 Zong minutes, 5000 SMS, 75 Off-Net minutes, and 5GB of data at Rs. 250/-.