Jazz SMS Packages 2023 - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Bundles

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A: You can get your missed SMS by subscribing to the Missed SMS Alert Offer. This way, you can get one notification at Rs. 0.91/-.

A: By dialing *444#, you can get info on your monthly SMS package.

A: The Smart SMS service ensures that the receiver gets SMS, even if the number is off.

A: By dialing *444#, you can get all the details of bundles.

Jazz SMS Packages

In a constantly moving and changing world, staying connected with the people who matter most is essential. With technology becoming advanced, there are more ways to keep in touch with loved ones. One of the most popular ways to stay connected is through text messaging. The Jazz SMS packages offer an affordable way to keep in touch with family and friends. You can enjoy unlimited text messaging for a few rupees a month.

Jazz SMS Packages 2023

Jazz has designed different SMS bundles for its prepaid and postpaid subscribers. The company offers daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages at affordable rates.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Jazz offers the most popular and affordable one-day SMS bundle for Rs. 8/-. This package provides 10MB of WhatsApp data and 1800 SMS per day. Users can subscribe to this offer by dialing *334#. If you are a texting person, various Jazz daily packages offer SMS, unlimited calls, and Data.

Some All-in-One packages offer a good amount of SMS also for daily usage. Jazz Super Plus is also available for those who want more benefits while paying less. It provides 500 SMS along with 500 Jazz + 5 other network minutes and 500MB. Users can subscribe to this package at Rs. 35/- by dialing *558#.

If you want some internet and minutes with SMS for daily usage, then Daily Day Bundle is ideal. By dialing *340#, you can get 20MB of data, 300 Jazz minutes, and 300 SMS at Rs. 17/-.

There are many SMS offers available for users of different cities in Pakistan. For example, Punjab Daily Offer is best for you if you live in Punjab. For the residents of KP, the KP Daily Offer provides 1500 SMS with unlimited calls at Rs. 13/-.

The Sindh Daily Offer is available for Hyderabad, Badin, etc. Karachi Daily Offer is one of the best Jazz daily SMS packages for Karachities. This package gives 1500 SMS, 250MB, and unlimited Jazz calls at Rs. 13/- by dialing *400#.

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

Being one of the largest cellular companies in Pakistan, Jazz always talks about caring and sharing. So, Jazz has some exciting offers for its users in the form of Jazz weekly SMS packages. So, if you only love to talk in text messaging, then Jazz Weekly Whatsapp & SMS Offer is just for you.

With this package, you can enjoy 1500 SMS weekly with 25MB of data for WhatsApp. Users can subscribe to this offer by dialing *101*1*07# at Rs. 26/-.

Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder Offer is for those who want everything in one package while staying on a budget. Upon dialing *747#, the user can get 1GB of data, 1000 Jazz minutes, 50 Off-Net minutes, and 1000 SMS at Rs. 120/-.

Quetta Haftawar Offer is also an incredible innovation of Jazz. This offer gives 5000 SMS for a week with 12GB of data and 5000 Jazz minutes + 70 other minutes at Rs. 200/-. People living in Quetta can subscribe to this offer only by dialing *609#.

Get 6000 SMS and 30GB of data for the whole week by dialing *506# with the Jazz Weekly Super Max offer. This offer also has 100 Off-Net minutes and 6000 Jazz minutes at Rs. 337/-.

Sargodha people can get 2000 SMS, MBs, and Jazz minutes for the whole week by spending less than Rs. 100/- With Sargodha Weekly Offer.

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz is always offering many benefits in the form of impressive packages. However, the jazz Monthly Social package is WOW!!

With this package, you can get 7GB of data for your social accounts and 12000 SMS at just Rs. 148/-. This offer is valid for the whole month and can be avail by dialing *661#. But if you are a resident of Gawadar or Turbat, then you have to pay Rs. 219/- for this monthly SMS package.

If you want an All-in-One package but also want to save money, then the Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer is perfect for you. Monthly Max Offer also gives super duper bachat for a month by dialing*708#.

With this package, you will get 10000 SMS, 10000 Jazz, and 500 Other network minutes with 25GB of data at Rs. 955/-. This offer is perfect for those who invest most of their time on the internet for surfing and working.

Jazz Other SMS Packages

Jazz is always here for you, whether you are a person who texts all time or occasionally. Many Jazz SMS packages exist for all users, including Whatsapp and Facebook data.

If you have a Jazz SIM that you last used 30 days before, insert your SIM right now and get 3000 free SMS, 3000 Jazz minutes, and 6GB of data by dialing *551#. The validity of this Jazz SIM Lagao offer is 60 days and is free, but you must have a Rs. 0.01/- balance on your mobile to use it.

Jazz offers a lot of SMS packages for different cities. So no matter where you live, Jazz packages are also available for Sindh, Punjab, and Kashmir.