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Tyler Perry

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Updated September 22, 2017

Personal Info

Tyler Perry
Alternate Name
Maritial Status

Born & Residence

September 13, 1969
Home Town
New Orleans

Profession & Careers

Net Worth
$600 Million

Looks & Body

6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)

Tyler Perry is an American Actor, Filmmaker, Writer, Songwriter, and Comedian. At his early age, he attempted suicide against of his father. Later his mother changed his name from Emmitt to Tyler in order to get distance from his father and at the age of 10, it was also declared that Sir. Emmitt is not a biological father of Tyler.

Perry's Filmy career started when he moved to Atlanta in 1990 he performed a stage theatre I know I've been changed besides its financial failure he rewrote the scripts and performed at many stages by like House of Blues and Fox theatre. Then, he created a new stage named Urban theatre Circuit which was financially at its peak.

He has done 28 Films, 8 TV shows, 20 Stage performances and nominated in more than 37 International films of which he won 6 awards.

Perry is active in this media Industry since 1998.

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