Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab rickshaw

Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab 4 Stroke CNG

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Updated February 07, 2017

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4 Stroke Model
Price In Pakistan

This rickshaw is entry series of Sazgar and arguably one of the most used rickshaws on roads these days. It comes in a mix of brown and yellow colors with possibility of carrying 4 passengers easily, including one driver. It is a smooth ride and one of the first rickshaws to replace old traditional rickshaws. As for price, we don't have upto date information as of yet, but will make sure to get it updated as soon as we get some update from the vendor, alternatively if you know about the price, feel free to to either pm us or leave a review indicating the current price in Pakistan.

Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab Specs chart


Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab Specs chart
Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab Price
Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab back view
Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab Price in Pakistan
Sazgar Deluxe Mini Cab front rickshaw

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