Rawal Express

Rawal Express

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Contact Info

Phone Number
Auto Dial

General Information

Service Type
Express Train


Distance Travelled
290 kilometres (180 mi)
Average Journey Time
4 hours, 15 minutes
Service Frequency
Train Number(s)
105UP (Lahore→Rawalpindi)
106DN (Rawalpindi→Lahore)

Technical Information

Track Guage
1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)


Catering Facility
Lahore Junction

Online Booking

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Pakistan Railways is the current owner and the operator of Rawal Express right now and claiming the total of 2 stops while travelling from Lahore Junction to Rawalpindi. Rawal Express is known to be the fastest train for travelling from Lahore Junction to Rawalpindi. The trip distance from Lahore Junction to Rawalpindi from Rawal Express is claimed to be approximately 4 hours, 15 minutes.

In this post, you can find complete information about Rawal Express trains such as its ticket prices, fares, stops timings and routes.


If we talk about the facilities of Rawal Express train then it is quite impressive, Rawal Express has peaceful sleeping arrangements along with separate seating facility. You can convert your seat into a sleeping birth in Rawal Express train when you want to sleep. The food and catering environment in Rawal Express is pure hygienic, you can also find the local food retailers in Rawal Express as well.

Train Timings, Stops, Arrival and Departure

The average journey time of Rawal Express is approximately 4 hours, 15 minutes from Lahore Junction to Rawalpindi. Rawal Express arrives at 11:45 PM on Lahore Junction and departs at 07:00 AM on Rawalpindi. Rawal Express has many stops which include

Lahore Junction

  1. Lahore Junction
  2. Rawalpindi

Ticket Prices and Online Booking

The Rawal Express Lahore Junction to Rawalpindi ticket price is Rs. 850 for Economy class. This is the complete list of Rawal Express train tickets with its station and stops.

For Rawal Express train online booking you can find the link in the above fields.

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Rawal Express Complete Information

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