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Naagin Hot
Pakistani May 01, 2017 19537
Pakistani tv drama Naagin last episode 237
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2)Inconsistency that doesnt make sense - Muskaan had her crown and could have used it to stop the sword against Mehru or other evil just as Sanam Jahan did after retrieving the crown but to do harm.
2) Why not have the last episode narrative changed to a Dream instead? And continue with Muskaan keeping her crown stopping bad deeds, escaping with Rayan and Mehru with her (perhaps even saving a few people in the house before that). And do keep Kaali to be there to help out if needed. Raayan's acting is the best and he is fabulous in both roles and so is Muskaan. Keep more episodes coming with them in it and watching their kid grow!!!!!
3)The story should have ended with good winning - better message for children (including children in the drama watching) also. More scope for future episodes.

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