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Karachi April 19, 2015 5615
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We have ordered from Ginsoy before, but last night, we had a horrible experience.

I refer to order #xxxx from their SMCHS branch. The order was close to PKR 9,000 after discount. When we received the order, it had the following problems:

1. One item (the Thai Green Curry) was missing
2. We ordered and paid for family portions of 4 main courses. their website says that these portions serve 4-5 people, However, when we received the order, the portions sizes were tiny, barely enough to serve 2 people. They came in large boxes which where about 1/3 full of the main course inside a plastic bag. We have ordered from you before, and their family portion sizes were as stated, but last night, when we had many guests over, we were shortchange by their restaurant. I called you restaurant and spoke with "Mohsin", who insisted that we had received the full size -- how he could know that without actually looking at what I was looking at is a minor miracle in itself. So it comes down to this: either I am an idiot for not knowing what a 4-5 person portion is, or "Mohsin" was lying. There is no middle ground here. "Mohsin" refused to accept what I was saying, except that they had failed to deliver the Thai Green Curry, which they did, and which miraculously, was the full size. (So Mohsin accepts that the restaurant is capable of making a mistake by not missing out an item, but not a mistake in sending the wrong size)
However, we still got screwed by not receiving the full portion sizes of the other dishes - very embarrassing when we have guests, don't have enough food, and I waste an hour arguing with someone who clearly believes "the customer is always wrong."
I told Mohsin that if he does not rectify this, I will tell all the food blogs in Pakistan, which I'm doing now....very meta.

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