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Hematologist January 08, 2019 1371
Think twice before you visit her
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For me, work ethics and respects are important and this lady has no such things specially for patients and their love ones in such a difficult time. She always talks about money with pretty straight attitude. First thing when patient meet the GP, they do expect encouragement and support but in her case you shouldn't expect such positive elements.

I would suggest, do not take your love ones to her. You gonna waste your energy, expectation and finances. You have many options around like CMH, Lahore (Hematology/Oncology dept) is the best one. They are not greedy, very humble and supportive, you will deal with a team here. Nadia Sajid is a one man show and you will be on her stake.

Also please read reviews of Farooq Hospital, you will get answer for sure.

May ALLAH forgive us all and protect such people.

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