Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari

Updated January 01, 2019


Chenab General Hospital, Suraj Miani Road near 1 number chungi, Multan, Pakistan
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0300 065 4357, 061-4518874, +924232591427

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General Surgeon
MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), Fellowship In Minimal F.MIS

Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari is a General Surgeon from Multan Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari is a certified General Surgeon and his qualification is MBBS. Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari is a well-reputed General Surgeon in Multan. Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari is affiliated with different hospitals and you can find his affiliation with these hospitals here.

Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari Address And Contacts

Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari Address and Contacts. Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari is a General Surgeon based in Multan. Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari phone number is 0300 065 4357, 061-4518874, +924232591427 and he is sitting at a private Hospital in different timeframes.

Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari Fees And Timings

Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari is one of the most patient-friendly General Surgeon and his appointment fee is around Rs. 500 to 1000. You can find Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari in different hospitals from 5 pm to 9 pm. You can find the complete list and information about Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari's timings, clinics and hospitals.

Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari Reviews And Comparisons

If you are looking for a General Surgeon in Multan then you can Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari as a General Surgeon You can find the patient reviews and public opinions about Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari here. You can also compare Dr. Hafeez-Ullah-Laghari with other General Surgeon here with the compare button above.


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