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Punjab January 23, 2019 684
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I belong to FaisalabadIt's been long to be here at this railway station. We used to wait for the train at late nights. Used to travel to Sargodha and Jhang. A few glimpse of Steam Locomotive are still in mind. My late phupho Wakeelah's (late Ch.Nazeer) home is pretty close to this railway station. Zuhoor Bhaii (late), Naasir Bhaii, Haamid Bhaii, Hyder Bhaii, Sajjad Bhai
are my cousins.
Ch.Wahid(Scrap dealer) is my uncle there (Usman maani, Noman nomee are my cousins).
Ch.Naeem(Bycylce Works), his elder brother Ch.Saleem (a most vibrant volunteer organizer of Shah Nikdar) are also my cousins.
My childhood mates: Danish, Saqib, Nadeem deema, Irfan Roofi(Ice/Orange dealer) his brother Afzaal jaalee, Noman, Usman, Tayyab(cat eyes guy), Adeel(youngest brother of Saeed Bhaii) and, lots of other guys.
Sarfarz raajja, Naeem nimma bros.

I won't forget Baakri(a legend who has allegedly been disappearing for long).

I'll visit Shah Nikdar very soon insha'ALLAH.

God bless you :)

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