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Road Prince February 01, 2018 2902
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Hmm, where do i even start. So i have an RP110 late 2017 model bought in october 2017 and till today it has has 3000 km. So, few weeks after the purchase had the clutch cable repaired and clutch assembly was barely tightened, this was something which the service centre couldn't fix because the bike was not moving under its own power. Now a month later, the spark plug goes out, replaced that. Then the chain got repaired it was missing a tiny piece and the sprocket was loose in a funny way. Then the rear brake shoe was replaced followed by the front one also. Now it has a clutch or some chain mechanism issue; the gear clunk really loud while shifting and it jerks when shifting in 1st from neutral.
The bike has only 3000 km and is 6 months old.
I am frustrated with this thing and i bought it only cuz i wanted a cheap and RELIABLE motorcycle. I would have been better off if i had bought a bicycle, seriously.
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