Dr. Faseeha Aman

Updated November 16, 2018


4 Shershah Block, New Garden Town, Lahore
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0300 065 4357, (042) 32591427

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BSc(Hons), MS (Human Nutrition and Dietetics)

Dr. Faseeha Aman is a Dietitian from Lahore Dr. Faseeha Aman is a certified Dietitian and his qualification is PhD Nutrition. Dr. Faseeha Aman is a well-reputed Dietitian in Lahore. Dr. Faseeha Aman is affiliated with different hospitals and you can find his affiliation with these hospitals here.

Dr. Faseeha Aman Address And Contacts

Dr. Faseeha Aman Address and Contacts. Dr. Faseeha Aman is a Dietitian based in Lahore. Dr. Faseeha Aman phone number is 0300 065 4357, (042) 32591427 and she is sitting at a private Hospital in different timeframes.

Dr. Faseeha Aman Fees And Timings                                       

Dr. Faseeha Aman is one of the most patient-friendly Dietitian and his appointment fee is around Rs. 500 to 1000. You can find Dr. Faseeha Aman in different hospitals from 12 to 8 pm. You can find the complete list and information about Dr. Faseeha Aman's timings, clinics, and hospitals.

Dr. Faseeha Aman Reviews And Comparisons  

If you are looking for a Dietitian in Lahore then you can try Dr. Faseeha Aman as a Dietitian You can find the patient reviews and public opinions about Dr. Faseeha Aman here. You can also compare Dr. Faseeha Aman with other Dietitians here with the compare button above.


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