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13th LUX Style Awards 2014 Nominations

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LUX Style Awards is considered to be as the Pakistan’s biggest award show which is association by LUX. It is all about the glamor, dazzle, style and elegance. Each single year LU Style Awards held and now being up the Pakistan’s biggest milestone. Last year 12th LUX Style Awards was held and taken so many changes in award categories. Now this year the 13th LUX Style Awards 2014 will be on air soon. The date and schedule of 13th LUX Style Awards have not been revealed yet but the nominees list has announced. 13th LUX style Awards 2014 has add most talented and favorite Pakistan’s fashion and entertainment industries in 27 categories. These four sub categories are divided in four main categories such as Television, Fashion, Music and Film. This time again the winners will judge by juries.

13th LUX Style Awards 2014 Nominations and Review

13th LUX Style Awards 2014 Nominations 1

1. Fashion:

This year, jury has decided to nomination for ten fashion categories in which best female model, best male model, best fashion designers in pret, luxury pret, menswear, lawn dresses and high street, best hair and makeup, best photographer and best emerging talent.


Female Model of The Year

Male Model of the Year:

Best Fashion Photographer:

Best Hair and Makeup Artist:

Best Fashion Designer In Pret:

Best Fashion Designer In Luxury Pret:

Best Fashion Designer In Menswear:

Best Fashion Designer In Lawn

Best Fashion Brand In High Street:

Best Emerging Talent:

2. Film:

This year will be very lucky and full of excitement for film industry. This year so many new emerging directors have come up with their box office hits. The award for this section will be totally on jury based not on box office business.


Best Film:

Best Director:

Best Actor Male:

Best Actor Female:

3. Music:

The nomination for music category has decided after the long discussion. All the categories of music have judge by jury but the song of the year and emerging talent will be award on the base of public vote.


Best Album:

Best Music Video Director:

Best Original Sound Track:

Best Emerging Talent:

Best Song of The Year:

4. Television:

Television industry of Pakistan has brought up so many entertaining dramas and TV shows. So, the category filled up after a wide range of discussion. All the categories are divided into two categories named terrestrial and satellite. All the awards of these category are based on public votes but the decision for best writer and bets director will be taking by jury.


Best TV Serial:

Best TV Actor:

Best TV Actress:


Best TV Serial:

Best TV Actor:

Best TV Actress:

Best Writer:

Best Director:

Stay tuned with us for more updates of 13th LUX Style Awards 2014.



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