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Ufone Provides Daewoo Express Bus Services Via UPaisa

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Ufone Telecom Company has collaborated with Daewoo Express Bus Services to make a strong and prestigious space as well as extend the use of their financial solution. Now customers who travel with Daewoo Express Bus service will be able to purchase tickets in advance and pay via UPaisa. This is an another step towards the promotion of their financial services in all over Pakistan.

Ufone Provides Daewoo Express Bus Services Via UPaisa

UFone Provides Daewoo Express Bus Services Via UPaisa 1

Ufone is the first telecom company in Pakistan who has collaborated with Daewoo Express bus to provides Daewoo Express Bus services via Upaisa. Let’s read out the features of this service below.

1. All customers can able to purchase tickets of Daewood Express Bus in advance via Upaisa.

2. They will only have to pay a bus fare and there is no other additional service fee will be charged from customers.

3. This service is currently available at Ufone Service Centers and will be extend to Upaisa shop and UPaisa Mobile Account.

4. This service is available for all Ufone and non-Ufone customers.

This step will be very helpful for those who are traveling from Daewoo Express Bus services. Now you will get the best facilities of Daewoo Express without having any trouble in purchasing tickets.


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