Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Pakistan

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Wedding day is one of the most important day of everyone’s life and wedding photography is also very important part of whole function. It is the best way to remember the happiness of any occasion and celebration. Now a days, everyone is searching for best wedding photographers to make their event more memorable and happy. But if you look around you will find most talented and demanding countless wedding photographers in Pakistan, but did you know in all of them, who are the top 5 wedding photographers in Pakistan? If not then this post will definitely show you the top 5 wedding photographers in Pakistan. Let’s check out them below.

Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Pakistan

There are lot of Photographers of wedding in pakistan, and they all are doing very well in this field, but i have collected top 5 photographers here for you, they are in top 5 list because of their popularity, hard work and experience.

1. Irfan Ahson:

Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Pakistan 3

In the list of top 5, Irfan Ahson is on the very first who is well known and well reputed wedding photographer. Irfan Ahson is a newly emerging photographer who has gained height of fame in a very short time period of his career. He is running his own photo studio with the name of Fine Art Wedding By Irfan Ahson. He is involving in just wedding photography and a way he captures the wedding couple makes the day memorable for whole life.


Phone Number: 0323 4795100 – 92-42-35239003


2. Ahad:

Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Pakistan 1

On the second number, the name of Ahad is very well known for everyone. Ahad is also an another renowned wedding photographers. He is running his own studio with the name of Studios Aahad. His picture quality is also high and commendable that is the reason of his high price.

Phone Number: 03214747475


3. Osman Parvaiz Mughal:

Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Pakistan 2

Osman Parvaiz Mughal is one of the Pakistan’s leading and well known wedding photographers. He is all set up his own company of OPM Photographer. He is not only a wedding photographer but also a well known celebrity photographer.


Phone Number: 03214101100


4. Shahnawaz:

Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Pakistan 4

If you are searching for a wedding photographer whose picture quality is aweosme but rates are low then Shanawaz is the best option for you. Shahnawaz is running his Shahnawaz Studio and gaining fame day by day. He gives away the best quality pictures of wedding couple.


Phone Number: 03008451061


5. Afzal Studio:

Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Pakistan 5

Afzal Studio is all an another renowned wedding photographers in Pakistan. He is all known for his best picture work and quality.


Phone Number: 03005318174 03335184739


Over all the these top 5 wedding photographers in Pakistan are well known and demanding. So, who will be capturing your wedding photographs?



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