5 Popular Pakistani Sweet Dishes – Recipes

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Pakistani sweet dishes are the most important part of every celebration. Without sweet dish, any occasion is incomplete in Pakistan. Pakistani people love to eat sweet dishes after food specially after dinner. As we all know that the Pakistani sweet dishes are known to be as the yummy and delicious food in the whole world. Here are 5 popular Pakistani sweet dishes recipes, that are yummy and easy to made. Let’s check them out below and try at home for your friends and family.

5 Popular Pakistani Sweet Dishes With Recipes

Here are 5 popular Pakistani sweet dishes with their recipes. Let’s check out these most popular sweet dishes below.

5. Jalebi:

5 Popular Pakistani Sweet Dishes - Jalebi

Jalebi is known as the most wanted sweet dish in Pakistan. People eat jalebi in every evening tea time. It is also called the yummy street sweet dish in big cities of Pakistan. Try out its recipe below:


For Sugar Syrup:

For Jalebi:

How To Cook:

1. First of all, make a mixture of sugar and water by boiling, Then turn off the stove for cool down.
2. Now, mix all ingredients expect oil and make a fine paste.
3. Then take a cone shaped cloth piece and put the mixture into it.
4. make the jalebi in oil and fry till it gets brown in colors from all sides.
5. Now put them in prepared sugar syrup and serve hot.

4. Sohan Halwa:

5 Popular Pakistani Sweet Dishes - Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa is also called Multani Halwa. It is the most famous sweet dish of Multan. It is mostly using for a gift purpose, But it is a yummy sweet desert of Pakistan. Try out its recipe below.


How To Cook:

1. Add starch, flour and butter in a pan and mix well.
2. Add 3 ltr water and mix well and then cook on low flame until water boils.
3. Now add sugar and cook until is completely dissolved.
4. Take off from stove and sieve through a muslin cloth to another pan.
5. cover sieved mixture on cool place for overnight.
6. Next day, cook again on low flame till the color change and add butter slowly and cook for a while.
7. Now blend cardamom and add into the halwa. At last, sprinkle almond and walnut.
8. Let it cool and cut into pieces and store in airtight box.

3. Gulab Jamun:

5 Popular Pakistani Sweet Dishes - Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is an another most favorite sweet dish in Pakistan. Gulab Jamun is the must have sweet dish in every occasion, even every celebrations, celebrate with gulab jamun. Let’s check out its recipe below.

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How To Cook:

1. Cook sugar in a pan with water to form sugar syrup.
2. Beat egg and add khoya and suji into it.
3. Mix all the ingredients with hands nicely.
4. Knead the mixture with butter and baking soda and make small balls.
5. Now deep frying the small balls until it turns into golden.
6. At last, dip the balls in sugar syrup and serve hot.

2. Gajjar Ka Halwa:

5 Popular Pakistani Sweet Dishes - Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajjar Ka Halwa is the best sweet dish in Pakistan. It is known to be as the most delicious sweet dish of winter season. In winter season, people love to eat gajjar ka halwa. You can also make it at home. Let’s check out its recipe below.


How To Cook:

1. Pour milk in a pan and cook carrot in it until the milk dry.
2. Now ad sugar into it and mix well.
3. When the water dry, add milk solid and dry fruits in it and cook well until the smells come.
4. At the end add kewra in it and serve it with topping of milk and dry fruit.

1. Kheer:

5 Popular Pakistani Sweet Dishes - Kheer

Kheer is the most popular sweet dish in Pakistan. Pakistani people always celebrate any occasion with kheer. Kheer is also the most demanding dish for wedding occasions. Let’s check out the recipe below.


How To Cook:

1. In a cooking pan, cook milk until it boils.
2. Add sugar and cardamom to the milk and when the kheer starts thicken, add boiled rice.
3. Stir continuously and add sliced and pistachio to the milk when it begins thicken.
4. At the end refrigerate kheer for a while and then garnish with dried milk and pistachio.
5. Kheer is ready to serve.

Try these 5 popular Pakistani sweet dishes recipes now and share this post with your friends and cousins.


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