Beef Rice With Vegetables Recipe

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Do you love rice? I love to eat rice and i cook it in different ways. Most of us love to eat rice in a form of biryani, pulao and boil rice. There are so many yummy and delicious recipes of rice. Here i am going to share with you an another beef rice with vegetables recipe below. This recipe is perfect for those children who don’t want to eat vegetables. You can give your children proteins and vitamins through this delicious recipe. Let’s read out below.

Beef Rice With Vegetables Recipe

Beef Rice With Vegetables Recipe 1


1kg Beef Meat

1/2kg Rice

1/2kg Sliced Carrots

1/2kg Fried Potatoes

1 cup Fried Peas

1tbsp Crushed Black Pepper

4tbsp Currants

1/2 cup Ghee

1tsp Salt

100g Almonds

1tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste

1 Onion

2tbsp Oil

2tbsp Sugar


Try this yummy recipe of beef rice with vegetables at home and enjoy the dinner with your family!!


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