Beautiful Heart Nail Art Designs For Girls 2014

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With the passage of modern time, there are so many new and unique trends are coming ahead in fashion for women. One of the most demanding and beautiful one is different kind of nail art designs. There are so many new and unique nail art designs are introducing day by day. One of the heart nail art designs are getting so much popularity amongst girls. Heart nail art designs are liking by young girls and teenagers. This nail art designs gives always an attractive in looking. These heart nail art designs highlights the nails with the feeling of love and beauty. Heart nail art is difficult for everyone but once you design it then it will no longer going to impossible for you. So, girls!! if you are also searching for some beautiful heart nail art designs, then have a look at them below.

Beautiful Heart Nail Art Designs For Girls 2014

Beautiful Heart Nail Art Designs For Girls 2014 1

Heart nail art designs are getting so much demand among youngsters and teenagers. If you also want to design your nails with attractive heart nail art designs then you should have to learn some steps to create heart nail art design.Let’s read below.

1. First of all, trim your nails to get a perfect look. You should also clean your nails for finishing look.

2. Apply the moisturizer over the nails to help in pushing away the cuticles of nails. It will help you to apply base coat evenly.

3. Take a neutral color of nail enamel and apply it over the nails as a base coat.

4. Make sure that the cover up all the edges of your nails in a neat way. Apply the base coat evenly but if you see some space left then apply second coat to make it evenly.

5. Now you should have to take a transparent tape and cut out a square from it and fold it in the half leaving the edges separately. This will be a most important part of create heart nail art design.

6. You can also paint heart shape with nail polish to design your nails but it will a difficult for beginners.

7. Now you can easily decorate your nails with heart nail art designs with these simple steps.

For your guidance, here i am going to share some of the beautiful heart nail art designs below. These all are stunning and attractive in looking. You will fall in love with these designs.



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