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Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs 2015 For Women

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Engagement is the most important day of everyone’s life. It is the day when two peoples bind in one relation and the relation shows by their rings. Engagement ring is the symbol of love and new journey of life. It is the new turn of life for everyone. Though, the engagement ring trends always changes. New and unique designs of engagement rings are popular in fashion. Man and woman both want their engagement ring something unique. That’s why the trend of vintage and colorful rings are popular for engagement. Here in this post i am also showing you the top 5 engagement ring designs 2015 for women below.

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Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs 2015 For Women

Let’s check out these top 5 engagement ring designs 2015 for women. these rings are very much popular in women.

5. Halo Rings:

Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs 2015

Halo rings are very popular in women because of their exceptional look. Halo ring is quite attractive and sober. In this type of ring trend, the center is filled up with big stone and the small diamonds are studded around the big stone. This is quite attractive and elegant engagement ring that is mostly liked by women.

4. Diamond Shape:

Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs 2015

Diamond shape rings are very popular and become the hottest trends of year 2015. This ring is available in cushion, asscher and fancy diamond cuts stones. This engagement ring is a romantic silhouette and getting enormous famous day by day.

3. Rose Gold Rings:

Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs 2015

Rose gold engagement rings are very popular because of their lovely colors. Rose gold rings have replaced orange gold rings. This type of ring is looking romantic and beautiful because of its color and exceptional look.

2. Colored Gemstone Rings:

Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs 2015

Colorful gemstone rings are also very demanding in women. Now a days, every bride want to wear colorful diamond and gemstone rings. Colored gemstone engagement rings are looking aweosme and traditional in their innovative designs.

1. Bands:

Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs 2015

In the last, but on the top, bands are very much popualr in fahsion. Women love to get bands instead of rings. The fashion markets are over loaded with different designs of bands. bands studded diamonds are the most demanding engagement ring design for women.

So, these are the top 5 engagement ring designs for women. Which one do you like must? Must share your views with us in a comment box 🙂



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