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11 Top-of-the-Line Cars Recommended in Pakistan

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The biggest challenge for car drivers is to search for a car that fits in their budget and also according to their preferences. The road testers always demand high! Let me be clear! High in the automotive segments means quality, exclusivity, and uniqueness. Here, passenger demand is a key. Whether the car prices in Pakistan are high or low, the quality matters for the owners.

Before purchasing any car, first, set your preferences. Are you looking for something luxurious or want to get your bearing on a ride with high engine quality? Here, I delve into 11 top-of-the-line car recommendations for 2024, along with their prices and features. Let’s dive into the post below:

1. Toyota Fortuner Legender

Cars prices in Pakistan

The luxury Toyota Fortuner is in high demand because of its superior quality engine. Launched in 2022, the Toyota Fortuner Legender model maximizes the road experience for riders. With its breathtaking beauty, this new Fortuner easily captures the market attention. Its bold exterior with stylish interior always stands out in the crowd while making a comfortable ride on a bumpy surface.

Powered with the new generation 2.8GD Diesel engine, it gives super-smooth performance and a better fuel average. It is specially built for those who love adventure, as it is ideal for both on and off-road driving. With the sophisticated body frame, the Toyota Legender has off-road features and enough to enhance the driving experience. It is available at the price of Rs. 18,999,000/-.


MG is another big brand in Pakistan, offering high-end conveyance for everyone. Launched in 2019 in Pakistan, the MG ZS EV comes up with some noticeable features that must grab your attention. Overall, the design of this car is inspired by British heritage, although it has been designed with modernity in mind.

Packed with outstanding features, it is an excellent combination of a sleek exterior and a convenient interior. Powered with an electrical engine, it can give you to take advantage of 429 km on a single charge. The car has an excellent road grip and robust response due to its heavy-weight batteries.

One of the most advanced features of the MG ZS EV is that it can carry all your accessories and essentials to ease your urban adventure. It provides you with a comfortable ride without compromising on its practicality. In short, the MG ZS EV is an electric car that enhances the driving experience while ensuring safety measures. You can get it for Rs. 14,999,000/-

3. Honda Civic RS Turbo

Cars prices in Pakistan

The Honda Civic RS Turbo is the most demanding series in Pakistan and boasts a powerful engine and advanced features. From daily use to adventurous trips, this car comes up with high-end technology.

The Honda Civic Rs Turbo provides usability and value with its sleek details on the body. Having some prominent off-road features, including an Anti-theft alarm system, driving modes, and front and rear cameras for safety measures, this car is ideal for everyone. Honda Civic Rs Turbo boasts a Sensing technology to avoid traffic jams and collisions. The cost of Rs Turbo is Rs. 6,140,000/-.

4. Toyota Corolla Altis Grande


With an iconic interior, dynamic exterior, and advanced features, the Toyota Corolla Altis Grande delivers a high-level driving experience. Toyota is a name of quality and reliability, and its Altis Grande model has a powerful engine and technology.

The all-new Toyota Corolla Altis Grande comes up with a 7-speed transmission that adapts the driving style and provides an adventurous experience with convenience and efficiency. Having a captivating look with bold styling focuses, it stands out in the crowd.

Toyota Altis Grande is ergonomic and spacious to provide a peaceful on and off-road driving experience. Its Dual VVT-I engine enhances performance and durability. The estimated cost of the Toyota Corolla Altis Grande is Rs. 7,549,000/-.

5. KIA Sportage AWD

As the name suggests, the KIA Sportage AWD is a combination of a fast-speed engine, powerful performance, and advanced features like a sports car. This variant of KIA Sportage is the most popular among youngsters due to its stylish look. It is packed with a classy outlook and captivating interior design, so where you ride it on the road, it grabs the overall attention.

KIA Sportage AWD is a combination of elegance, comfort, and class. If you want to go for picnics and tours, this Sportage AWD will be the best option because it maximizes the overall driving experience. This sports car has a market price of around Rs. 8,470,000/-.

6. Suzuki Cultus AGS

Suzuki Cultus AGS is a hatchback car, outclass from the outside and spacious on the inside. Cultus is the most demanding series of Suzuki, and this new version of Suzuki Cultus is equipped with a new AGS transmission system to enhance the driving experience without compromising fuel efficiency.

Along with these features, you can enjoy your ride without stress because this hatchback car gives you unmatched performance and mileage. The all-new Suzuki Cultus AGS is a true reflection of elegance, stylish, and comfort. It comes with a dynamic exterior design with a wide back door for easy sitting.

Moreover, the Suzuki Cultus AGS is an ideal option for on-road driving with advanced features. The cost of this hatchback car is around Rs. 4,546,000/-.

7. Hyundai Sonata Limited

Cars prices in Pakistan

Hyundai Sonata is one of the most reliable and economical cars in Pakistan. Its Limited Trim range is the most luxurious one. It offers a variety of advanced features like seats, a sports steering wheel, and fascias. Powered by the powerful 8-speed engine, it gives automatic transmission.

With a leather-wrapped dashboard and seats, its contemporary interior will surely make you fall in love. Hyundai Sonata Limited has features like automatic emergency braking, remote parking assist, and a SmartSense package to ensure safety measures. This car is available in the market for Rs. 9,979,000/-.

8. MG HS

MG HS is a luxury crossover car that has emerged as a competitor in the SUV market in Pakistan. With a contemporary and stylish interior design, this MG HS is designed in a way to cater to you in your comfort zone. Powered with a turbocharged engine, it delivers a pleasing driving experience on bumpy roads.

Some of the notable features include Apple CarPlay, automatic climate control, and a driver assistance system, making this car a good option for most people. Although MG HS is relatively a new competitor in the Pakistani market, it rapidly gaining a good reputation for delivering high-end quality at a very competitive price. You will get this car at a price range of around Rs. 7 lacs to 8 lacs.

9. Toyota Yaris Ativ X

The Toyota Yaris, especially the Ativ X model, is a perfect choice for the hustle and bustle of cities. With outstanding features, it is equipped with a powerful engine, which provides reliability and fuel efficiency. Its compact and nimble design makes it a compelling choice in the Pakistani market.

Despite its powerful engine, Ativ X does not compromise on looks and is designed with sharp and sleek lines to maximize its beauty on the road. Moreover, it provides a cargo space that is ideally enough to carry big-sized cargo for a picnic. If you are looking for a car for City Street, then Toyota Ativ X will surely be a good option as it is known for durability and worth considering. The estimated price of Toyota Ativ X is around Rs. 5,649,000/-.

10. DFSK Glory 580 Pro

DFSK is a popular option for offering reliable cars in Pakistani markets. From SUVs to Van, DFSK is delivering top-of-line cars every year. Particularly, for those looking for a feature-rich SUV, the DFSK Glory 580 Pro is a perfect option at a very competitive price range. It is equipped with a stylish exterior and comfy interior body design, which is all enough to grab the attention.

Packed with powerful turbo engine, it is enough to provide 240 km/h speed. Moreover, loaded with noticeable advanced features such as a parking sensor, backup camera, and electronic parking brake, this Glory 580 Pro is the most comfortable and affordable option in the SUV segment of the Pakistani market. The price of the DFSK Glory 580 Pro in Pakistan is around Rs. 6,790,000/-.

11. Proton X70 AWD Executive

Proton is the most premium brand in Pakistan, launched in 2021. The Proton X70 AWD Executive is the most demanding car with modern features and technology. This luxury model is all enough to cater to the needs of drivers, looking for both comfort and luxury. It boasts an AWD system that empowers the drivers to tackle on and off-road challenges.

Proton X70 Awd Executive is designed with a premium interior look of leather upholstery and soft materials. With a sleek and elegant exterior look, it is all enough to stand out boldly in the crowd. Due to its feature-rich qualities, it is considered as the high-priced conveyance in the market. You will find Proton X70 AWD executive at the cost of around Rs. 8,799,000/-.

Note: Prices may vary in markets due to other factors like variants, estimates, and colors.


So, these were the 11 top-of-the-line cars recommended in Pakistan, which are high in quality and offer luxurious rides. From these SUVs to Hatchbacks, all the options are premium in features and the combination of all-wheel drive capability and stylish designs. So, which one is your favorite?



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