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10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

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Jewelry is the most important piece for every woman which makes them happy and smiley in any way. It is the most precious thing in the word for women. Without it, every woman is incomplete and it is the best part of every woman’s life. There are ultimate designs of expensive and cheap jewelry pieces are available inside markets. For every occasion, there are lot jewelry items are available in different looks and styles. Here in this post I am sharing the 10 expensive jewelry in the world below.

These all 10 jewelry items are really expensive and most popular for their attractiveness and prices. These jewelry pieces are not only expensive but also attractive and masterpiece which make you fall in love with them. Let’s check out them below.

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

10, Briolette Diamond Necklace:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

Briolette Diamond Necklace is a very popular necklace in the world which is made up of with briolette diamonds. Its stunning and flawless look makes it more attractive. Its weight is more than 75.36 carats. It looks amazing and eye-catching because it has a touch of marquise diamond in a purple-pink shade. The white diamonds attached with the 18 carats chain which has an adjustable length. It was sold out in an auction at price of $11 million.

9, Willis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

This is unique bracelet with a shape look like a panther. This Wallis Simpson’s Panther bracelet is studded with diamonds and unique onyxes. It was designed by famous Cartier Paris and was sold out in an auction at price of $12.4 million. This bracelet is beautiful and attractive that’s why it is much expensive in the world.

8, Emerald and Diamond Tiara:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

This beautiful and gorgeous tiara has belonged to the beautiful wife of Napoleon III. This tiara was gifted by Prince Guido Count von Henckel in 1999 to his wife. It is the expensive tiara in the world. It is made up of with emerald and diamonds. The 500 carats original emerald is used to design this tiara. The tiara was sold out at price of $12.7 million in an auction.

7, Heart Of the Kingdom:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

The most respectable and popular jewelry company Garrard designed this most expensive jewelry. This is a heart of the kingdom that features Brumes Ruby of almost 40.63 carats. This heart shape ruby necklace is studded with 150 diamonds of 155 carat. It is an expensive necklace ever.

6, Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

This Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring is famous for its beauty. It is an original jewelry piece of Bulgari collection. The ring features two triangular diamonds in blue and white color. The blue diamond is weighing 10.9 carat while the white one is 9.87 carat. It is famous for its beauty, clarity and flawless look. Its price is $15.7 million.

5, Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

IT is an absolute expensive and exquisite ring considered as the most expensive jewelry item in the world. It is famous because it is studded with blue diamond which is costly. It is designed by Chopard and features a blue diamond in oval shape with weight of 9 carats. This 18 carats white gold ring is looking beautiful along with triangular diamonds on both sides. The price of this ring is $16.26 million.

4, Heart of the Ocean:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

This is the beautiful and lovely heart of the ocean pendant. This pendant is attached with a necklace studded with diamonds. This is a replica of original necklace featured in Titanic. It is made up of with 15 carats blue diamond with price of $20 million. This necklace is famous due to the history of love belongs to it.

3, The Perfect Pink:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

This Perfect Pink ring is famous and expensive in the world with price of $23.2 million. This is ring is made up of with diamonds in pink and white color. It has 14.23 carat pink diamond with two white diamonds of 1.73 and 1.63 carat. This ring is famous because of its rare deign, color and cut.

2, The Graff Pink:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

The Graff Pink is the stunning ring was designed by American jeweler Harry Winston. The Laurence Graff has purchased this ring at a price of $46.2 million. The ring is one of the most expensive jewelry piece in the world because it has a pink diamond of 24.78 carat type II color diamond. Its beautiful cut and color make it expensive.

1, L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace:

10 Expensive Jewelry In The World

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is the world’s most expensive and beautiful ornament. This is a the most valuable diamond piece which has a weight of 637 carat. It is the most attractive and flawless 407.48 diamond in yellow color with 91 other diamonds in various designs and cuts of 229.52 carat. It is designed with 18 carat rose gold. The price of this necklace is $55 million.


This list of 10 expensive jewelry in the world has generated after long term analyze. These all expensive jewelry items are beautiful and attractive too with a history of love and beauty.



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