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10 Oldest Buildings In The World

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Building is known as the handmade structure by human. There are countless buildings in the world and their counting increases day by day. There are so many oldest buildings in the world which are still popular among people. These building depict the history of a country. So many truth and historical affairs related to these old buildings which make people proud of them.

So, if you are among those people who love to see and learn about the oldest and historical things then this post of 10 oldest building in the world will definitely attract you very much. These all wonders have built without any machine. These are seriously beautiful and appealing to the eyes, that everyone want to visit there once in a life.

1o Oldest Buildings In The World To Visit

10, Sanchi Stupa, India:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

This Stupa is an oldest stone structure of Buddhist vihara is located at Sanchi in state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is the oldest building in India was commissioned by the famous emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century. It is a simple brick stone structure which is famous in Buddhism. This Sanchi Stupa was built under the supervision of the wife of Ashoka named Devi.

9, Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, Bulgaria:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Thracian Tomb is the historic brickwork tomb is located in the town of Kazanlak in Bulgaria. This tomb is famous for its beautiful looks. It is totally human-made stone structured building. It was built in the 4th century BCE. It has been now protected by UNESCO since 1979. This place is the most attractive place with all of its tenderness.

8, Parthenon, Greece:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Parthenon is a former temple located in Athenian Acropolis in Greece. This temple was built in 447 BC. This is an oldest building in Greece. IT was made with full of classical Greek art. This temple is a symbol of Ancient Greece, Western Civilization and Athenian Democracy.

7, Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Great Pyramid of Giza is among three famous and oldest pyramids in Giza. IT is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu. It is also the seven wonders of the Ancient World. It is the largest and oldest pyramids in the world. It was built in 2560 BCE.

6, Mohen Jo Daro, Pakistan:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Mohen Jo Daro is also called the Mound of the Dead Men. It was built around 2500 BCE. It is the oldest building in Pakistan. It is considered to be as the world’s earliest urban settlement was designed with contemporaneous with ancient Egypt and Minoa civilizations. It is the most visiting place in Pakistan for tourists also.

5, Tarxien Temples, Malta:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Tarxien Temples is one of the oldest buildings in the world. It is an archaeological complex located in Tarxien, Malta. This temple was built around 3150 BC and known as the Megalithic temple on the island of Malta. The beauty of the temple is that it consists of three temples structure which are looking separate but they are attached to each other.

4, Wayland’s Smithy, England:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Wayland’s Smithy is basically a chamber tomb located near the Uffington Castle at Ashbury in England. This is an oldest building in the world built around 3590 BC. This building is totally made up of stone consisting of two transept chambers. This is the most beautiful place in England.

3, Knap of Howar, Scotland:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Knap of Howar is the oldest Neolithic building in northern Europe. It is located on the island of Papa Westray, Orkney, Scotland. This building was built around 3700 BC. It consists of two rectangular thick walled building has designed with stones. This is one of the most attractive oldest buildings in Scotland.

2, La Hougue Bie, Jersey:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

La Hougue Bie is a long passage chamber made up with stones and bricks. This oldest building is located in Jersey off the shores of France. This building built around 3500 BC. This site is now managed by Jersey Heritage. It consists of Geology and Archaeology museums.

1, Tumulus of Bougon, France:

10 Oldest Buildings in The World

Tumulus of Bougon is also known as the Necrolopis of Bougon. It is a group of five attractive handmade Neolithic barrows. It is located in Bougon, France. It is the most famous and world’s oldest building. It is very much attractive place built around 4800 BC.


This is the list of 10 oldest buildings in the world. These buildings are very famous because of their attractive stone work. I have compiled the list of this 10 oldest buildings after long term analyze.



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