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Top 10 Wedding Banquets in Lahore

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Are you starting to organise your wedding and do not have much money to spend? The wedding banquet is one of the biggest expenses of this and more if you have many guests. There are ways to make this feast much cheaper. In this post, we give you Top 10 Best Wedding Banquets in Lahore that will make your wedding day more economical. Here are a 10 best banquets list in Lahore to save on a wedding.
One of the most important aspects when selecting all the details to make your wedding unforgettable is the banquet. Yes, it consists of the food or dinner that you are going to offer your guests, this must be unforgettable, delicious and selected with care and above all thinking that everyone will love it.

From this post, we recommend you always want the best for your big day is why today we selected the 10 best wedding banquets in Lahore. Not only will you love their gastronomic offer, but in each one, you will find the perfect ally so that the food of your wedding can delight all guest. Know them!

Wedding Banquets in Lahore - locations, addresses, contacts

The wedding preparations and the ceremony itself are both gratifying and challenging. Also, it is normal that you want to take a few days of rest to face them. We explain how to do this. The day of your wedding just like those before it will be most active and intense emotions. Once on a Wedding night, you may experience a backlash of fatigue related to these long months of preparation for your celebration.
That’s why we strongly recommend you take a few days off a little before and a little after your big event in order to live it as serenely as possible.

Many married couples ask for one or two weeks before the big day to finalise the details of their reception and make sure that everything is ready for their celebration. However, we also advise you to book a few days after your wedding to rest. Resuming work directly after marriage can be more tiring and stressful than you think. Give yourself a well-deserved break!
The banquet is one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding, so today we leave you 10 best banquets list that will help you save on food without sacrificing taste or quality you will love it!

Top 10 Wedding Banquets in Lahore, Locations, Address And Contacts

A wedding banquet can be more or less from the services of several times served by elegant waiters, buffet banquets where each one is served what you want to eat or the cocktail type where the guests do not sit down to eat but are kept standing.
There are so many wedding banquets in Lahore but we can’t compromise in the event of wedding. List of the Top 10 Best Wedding Banquets in Lahore given below must check it out.

1. Liberty Castle Banquet

Liberty Castle is one of the best Banquet in Town with the commitment to premium service, pleasure environment and great with great kind staffs support. Central air conditioned, pillarless wedding halls offers a great space.

2. Marva Marriage Hall

Marva Marriage Hall is a perfect place for big marriages, If you are going to arrange a wedding event for more than 1000 guets then this is a place which you can try.

3. Dewan-E-Khass Banquet

Dewan-E-Khass Banquet is also one of the best & brilliant places with outstanding service. The banquet is excellent will make your event very special. The Food quality is just amazing & also very tasty overall the decoration of Dewan-E-Khass Banquet is very beautiful and their staff member makes it more beautiful.

4. Qasr-e-Noor Banquet

Qasr-e-Noor is also one of the best banquets in Lahore, it’s simply awesome and extremely good. But the car parking is worst because there is only entry gate of all the banquets that’s why the clients face many issues for parking theirs vehicles.

5. Lahore Grand

Lahore Grand Banquet got famous because of this good quality of food, amazing environment and pleasant staff members.

6. Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore

Pearl Continental Lahore is one of the best banquet & Hotel in Lahore. They also have a large team of professionals who will help you plan and coordinate the wedding you have always dreamed of so that everything is perfect, based on more than ten years of wedding organization, in addition to a team of professionals that will guarantee you a totally personalised day.

7. Royal Palm Golf & Country Club

Going Royal Palm always very good, in terms of facilities and services, there are indoor and outdoor spaces with capacity large number of guests, private room for the bride, places for civil ceremonies, wedding planner service. In addition, only one wedding per day, which gives an exclusive character to such moments.

8. Avari Hotel

An organisation committed to making your wedding something special and super personalised. This company offers you multiple alternatives in decoration and decoration services, as well, the dishes promise a great quality and variety for your celebration. Your highly qualified team will be dedicated to providing the best service to you to your loved ones. An excellent recommendation for your banquet.

9. Garrison Club

An excellent option that you will find in Lahore as it has a team of professionals. The quality of the ingredients and the way of preparation in each of its dishes is what has positioned this company among the best banquets in Lahore.

10. Zafar Marquee

With the best professionals, you will have a very outstanding proposal in which the menu will totally adapt to what you are looking for.


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