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Mobilink Offers Free Line Messenger Service

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It is heard that Mobilink and Line Messenger were entered in a collaboration. Line Messenger has first time collaborated with Pakistan’s telecom company. After the collaboration, the Mobilink Telecom Company has announced that their customers can enjoy the Line Messenger service free.

You can now enjoy the Line Messenger services totally free 24/7 online. You can enjoy free video calls, voice call and stickers 24 hours without having any trouble of getting offline.

Mobilink Offers Free Line Messenger Service

Mobilink Offers Free Line Messenger Service 1

Mobilink is one of the well reputed telecom company in Pakistan and Line Messenger is an instant messaging app for smartphones. Line Messenger have over 500 million subscriber all over the world. Line Messenger is gaining fast growth because of its huge sticker set base that used by Line users for sharing as well as chatting.

In the meeting, Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data, Mobilink Commenting on the partnership said that ” Mobilink always offers innovative and exciting offers for its customers. Now our customers can enjoy the unlimited services of Line Messenger free from Mobilink Internet. We are confident that our partnership with Line Messenger will provide benefits of communications to our customers.”

Line Messenger is capable for all smart phones. Now as being a Mobilink customers, enjoy the Line Messenger free!!



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