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List Of 10 High-End Smartphones With Dual Sim Functionality in Pakistan 2014

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When you carry your cell phone, you not only carry a device that allows you to make and receive calls, but also a technological device that has the entire world stored in it. You want to stay in touch with your old friends, you can access different social networking websites, you want to send messages for free, you can download free messaging software, and if you want to find a life partner for yourself, you have various matrimonial sites that can be accessed through your phone.

low price dual sim phones in Pakistan

In order to make your life easier and help you get smarter in this developing world, companies started manufacturing smartphones. A smartphone is nothing but an ordinary cell phone with extra ordinary features and functions of a computer. It has a larger screen along with an advanced operating system, which has the capacity to perform applications that have been developed for general purposes. If you are a citizen of Pakistan and wish to buy a dual SIM smart mobile phones at reasonable prices for yourself, the

following list can be helpful for you to make your own choice:

1) Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2:

This is one of the best yet most affordable phones for the citizens of Pakistan. It offers a lower end niche with around 768MB of RAM. This phone is equipped with a 5 MP lens rare camera, TFT touch screen that is 4 inches long and a Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor. In most of the markets of the country, it is available at the price of approximately PKR 16,000.

samsung galaxy duos price in pakistan

2) Motorola MOTO G:

After all, Motorola is the first company to introduce phones into different markets. Motorola MOTO G is packed with a quad core 1.2 Ghz chip, a clear camera of 5 MP with around 720p recording. This smartphone is said to be one of the hottest ones for the year 2014. There are hundreds of testimonials that have flooded the screens of various websites with positive comments from different people who have used this smartphone. This phone is available for not more than PKR 23,000 in Pakistan.

moto g price

3) Samsung Galaxy S3:

No matter how many phones you have used in your life, you would never put your hands on any other phone if you have touched this beauty of Samsung. Available for PKR 30,000, it features the famous Super AMOLED display that gives you a high experience of clarity. Apart from its wonderful 4.8 inch screen, it has an extendable storage capacity of 1 GB with both, front (1.9 MP) and back (8 MP) cameras.

samsung galaxy s3 pakistan

4) Galaxy Grand NEO:

There can be nothing better than experiencing the grand series of this phone. Available for around PKT 23,500, it has 1.2GHz quad-core and 1 GB RAM, along with its beautiful 5 inch screen.

galaxy grand neo price
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5) Sony Xperia SP:

If the word ‘Xperia’ reminds you of this cell phone’s advertisement, then you surely know why we wish to include this phone in the list for you. It is pretty much affordable since it is for PKR 25,000. It can be upgraded to Android 4.3 and has a wonderful 8MP camera, along with 1 GB of Ram. The 1.7 GHz Snapdragon processor acts as a cherry on top of the cake for this smartphone!

sony xperia sp price

6) MOTO E:

Once again favoring the mobile phone introducing company Motorola, the name itself says it all. Available in the market for PKR 14,000 only, this phone has 4.3 inches qHD display along with 4.4.2 running Android. It has 1 GB RAM with 4 GB internal storage memory, which can even be expanded. The best thing about this phone is its camera.

moto e qeemat

7) Nokia Lumia 525:

Right from the wonderful advertisements to the most cherished strength of the phone, Nokia has always been known for introducing phones that are strong enough to bear anything. Available at the price of PKR 18,000 it has 4 inches screen with 1 GB RAM.

nokia lumbia 525 mobile

8) HTC Desire 310:

Available for just PKR 22,000, this amazing phone has 4 GB of internet storage along with the most cherished 5 MP camera with the capacity of 1080p video. Since it is HTC, you can never doubt about the quality of the phone.

htc desire

9) Huawei G700:

Although this company is not very popular in the market and you may have to stretch your budget up to PKR 25,000, it has a 5 inches display with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean feature and 8 MP camera.

huwai g700

10) QMobile A7:

This is another ‘not-so-popular’ company in the market yet people who have bought phones from this company are pretty much satisfied with the same. Affordable at the price of around PKR 12,900, this phone may be heavy but it is only because it is well equipped with 4 inches screen, 4 GB built in memory and 512 RAM features.

Qmobile Noir A7 Price



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