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5 Eyebrow Shapes For All Face Types

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Eyebrow is the most important part of face that prominent the full face features. The right eyebrow shape always opens up the entire eye area as well as improves the overall symmetry of face. It needs so much attention when it comes to neat and shaped the eyebrow. The right arch and cuts of eyebrow depends on the face shape. It gives you a fresh, young and healthy look as well as enhances your beauty. It is very important to give a perfect arch and right shape to eyebrow which gives you an attractive look as well as suits to your face shape. For this purpose here in this post I am going to tell you the 5 eyebrow shapes for all face types.

So, if you are a starter and want to know the exactly eyebrow shape for your face then this post will definitely help you. If you remember these golden rules of eyebrows according to face shape then you will definitely get a perfect eyebrow shape easily. So, let’s have a look at the 5 eyebrow shapes for all face types below.

5 Eyebrow Shapes For All Face Types

Heart Face Shape:

5 Eyebrow Shapes For All Face Types

Heart face shape is a common face shape which needs groomed and perfectly manicured eyebrow. If you have heart face shape ten you will have to choose thick eyebrow instead of thin because it enhances your face features very well. The groomed eyebrow is perfect for you because of your petite jaw line and the emphasis on upper part of face. This style of eyebrow will surely balance your small chin and jaw line of bottom half.

Round Face Shape:

5 Eyebrow Shapes For All Face Types

If you have a round face shape then the angular eyebrow shape will definitely suit to your personality. The round face shape has not a define look so, the perfect angle in eyebrow always brings out the cuts and define the facial bones very well. The higher arch you choose for your eyebrow will give you a perfect look with round face shape.

Oval Face Shape:

5 Eyebrow Shapes For All Face Types

The most common but beautiful face shape is oval. The oval face shape women can easily enhance their beauty with slightly arch eyebrow. A perfect balanced and classic eyebrow is best for this round face shape with slightly angled at the corner of brow.

Square Face Shape:

5 Eyebrow Shapes For All Face Types

Square face shape always suits the softly rounded eyebrow. You need to make your brow slightly and softly rounded at the end. Make sure your brows not too angular at the end. You just need to get a soft rounded look at the corner of eyebrows that suits to your square jaw line of face. You don’t need over pluck out as well as don’t create rainbow shape, otherwise your face will not look perfect.

Long Face Shape:

5 Eyebrow Shapes For All Face Types

The long face shape is a kind of face shape that stretched out all the features vertically. If you have a long face cut then it is important to choose the eyebrow that extends the tails of brows from east to west and play up with horizontal features of face.

Rules For Best Eyebrow Shape:

For all face types there are three main tips to follow to get a perfect eyebrow shape. Let’s read these rules below.

1, Head Of The Eyebrow:

The head of the eyebrow must begin at the bridge of nose which is very easy to get by holding pencil vertically up to the sides of nose bone.

2, Setting Of Arch:

The arch should be two-third of way out and the tail should be at least end on the imaginary line from the corner of your nose to the eyes.


This post will definitely help you to choose the perfect eyebrow shape according to your face cut. If you are starter then you can easily select best eyebrow shape for you with the help of this post. Must remember, the face shape plays a vital role in selecting the eyebrow. You need to know the perfect arch, angled and cut of eyebrow for better result.


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