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25 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Beginners that you can Try at Home

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Mehndi or Henna is a Plant which has unique red to brown coloured dye which women love to wear on hands and head. Like many Asian Pakistani, Indian or Muslim girls, this fashion is being popular among many other different parts of the world. It’s a type of temporary tattoos which are applied wet on the hands, feet and other parts of the body in various patterns and washed when dried.

The excellent color and unique odor appeals every girl of the world and the trend of coloring hands with tattoos of henna or mehndi is definitely in vague now-a-days. Here are a few easy designs which can be applied by the beginners with no or very less expertise in applying mehndi design. Take a look:

Coolest Henna Mehndi Designs for Beginners

1. Simple Circular Arabic pattern:

Simple Arabic Circular Mehndi Design

Hands are the most important part to tattoo with mehndi. Asian girls love to apply mehndi on their hands. This unique design is very easy to apply on the backside of hands with the cone mehndi. These kinds of designs can be applied on the inner side of the palm which looks very appealing. Various other designs in circular patterns can be tried to give attractive look.

2. Flower and Leaf Pattern:

flower and leaf pattern mehndi design

This henna design is very unique as well as easy. Asymmetrical flower and leaf painting with mehndi is an old trend which is now in vague again. You can draw these kinds of designs easily if you know drawing or painting. This leaf is the most common design which is used in many Arabic designs of Henna.

3. Arabic floral pattern:

arabic floral patter mehndi design

This floral tattoo design is very easy as well as very beautiful. The Inner flower is the first step to be drawn and then you must draw the outer leaves. The flowers around the main pattern add more enchanting touch to the design and give a fuller look. You may add leaflets with these flowers.

4. Classic Indian henna pattern:

classical indian henna design

This design is simple but gives a fuller look to the hands. Here, there is again a floral pattern which gives a classic Indian look. The pattern on fingers is a single design which is repeatedly drawn to give a fuller, rather attractive look. The design can be made on the inner side of the hand which is perfect for a wedding or a festival.

5. Arabic Mehndi bridal design:

arabic bridal mehndi design

This design comprises of simple mehndi leaflets with check-pattern filled with stars or sparks. I love this design as it is simple yet elegant. It just takes about 20 minutes if you are a beginner, yet the hand gives a fuller, Arabic look. The pattern elevates to the wrist which look simply amazing with the bangles of various colors.

6. Simple mehndi floral net:

simple mehndi floral net

This Is a simple design which can be made on routine days as well as on festivals too. The fingers are decorated with half a flower giving a longer look. The net on the handmade of dots give an enchanting look which ends with a flower on the end.

7. Simple mehndi bail:

simple mehndi bail

This design is also very simple and easy to draw. The “Bail” or vine runs through the index finger to the palm and ends on wrist. The simply amazing dots and commas give an eye-catching look to the hands. For a fuller look, you may add simple dots and commas to the other fingers as well, or you may keep it as simple as shown in the image below.

8. Elegant floral wristband:

elegant floral wrist band mehndi design

This simple floral design is best for routine days. The pattern is the best and easiest for the beginners. The flower and leaflets on the wrist give a perfect look omitting the desire of wearing a bracelet or bangle. It can be made more beautiful by adding glitter in the flower for festivals.

9. Simple pattern for daily routine:

simple mehndi pattern

Very simple yet elegant design! It is perfect for those who want to get perfection in mehndi designs. For a routine purpose, it gives a very simple look. You may draw this pattern on your feet as well.

10. The red Indian flower:

red indian flower mehndi design

This design comes from an Indian origin. Once you get expertise in handling the cone, you can easily draw this pattern. It is a perfect touch for the bridal hands and can be filled with colors or glitters to add more glimpse of perfection.

11. Peacock elegance in henna:

peacock mehndi design

This is also an Indian design which adds peacock feathers in the pattern giving a classic Indian look. This design is one of the favorite designs on Indian girls as they love to color their arms with mehndi designs. This is simple and easy yet elegant.

12. The classic Indian girl design:

classic mehndi design indian pakistani

This design is a little bit difficult and you need a lot more practice to draw this pattern. It can be simplified by repeating the pattern inside the fingers and wrist. It is a typical mehndi design which is liked by many Indian girls.

13. The henna rings:

beautiful henna mehndi rings

This design takes no more than 5 minutes. The pattern is just drawn on the fingers giving a ring-like appearance. For a college girl or an office girl, I find this design the best for routine days. Especially, the design looks the best with nail art.

14. The henna fall:

henna fall

I love this design; it looks elegant. For this pattern, you would need either mehndi cones with one darker and one lighter shade, or you have to apply the outline again to give a darker look. It’s simply amazing and stunning design for parties and events.

15. The Royal Peacock:

royal peacock mehndi

This pattern is a typical Indian pattern which includes a peacock feather, giving a stunning look. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes for the beginners to draw this pattern. This design is fabulous as it covers the arms till elbows as well.

16. The Arabian grace:

arabian grace mehndi

This is a sort of Arabic design which might not be very easy for for beginners, but give it a shot and you might surprise yourself. Giving a fuller look to the hands, the pattern is perfect for the brides as well.

17. The Ultimate Henna Pattern:

ultimate basic mehndi design

This design comprises of simple geometrical patterns which give a slimmed effect to the hands. The design can be extended to wrist and arms by repeating the pattern in zigzag manner.

18. The Henna Chakkra:

henna Chakkra

This design is simply spectacular for daily routines. It does not give a fuller look and yet it’s eye-catching. It can either be drawn on hands or feet. To add a fuller look, you may add similar patterns to the fingers as well which is perfect for weddings and festivals.

19. The simple henna vine:

henna vine

This is the simplest design of all the Arabic patterns. It is a perfect design for the sister of the bride. It takes only 10 minutes to draw this pattern. By adding colors, it can be made even attractive.

20. Arch for feet:

arch henna mehndi

These patterns are simply spectacular for feet, giving a perfect arch to the feet. If you want to keep your feet simple yet stunning, these patterns or similar ones would be the best for you.

21. The henna tattoos:

henna tattoo

These patterns are the best for daily routines. You may draw these on inner or outer sides of your wrists, the back of your neck, to on your feet. If you are wearing a backless saree, the designs would look best on your back or shoulder as well.

22. Henna flower for slimmer look:

henna flower for slim look

The pattern is perfect for arms and legs. It gives a slimmer look yet keeping the pattern simple. It can be drawn in less than 10 minutes.

23. The ultimate Indian floral pattern:

ultimate indian floral design

This is also a simple Indian design. The floral pattern gives a classic Indian look. You may end the pattern at your wrist or you may extend it up to your elbows.

24. Henna arch with leaves on hands:

henna arch with leaves

This design is one of my favorites. It’s simply amazing. All you need to draw a neat arch on which rest of the design will be drawn. All you need is to repeat the simple pattern on the arch again and again and you are done.

25. The Mehndi leaves and dots pattern:

henna leaves

This design is the simplest of all. You just have to be expert in drawing simple leaves and dots with neatness and you are done. The pattern is perfect for the beginners.


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25 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Beginners that you can Try at Home

Mehndi or Henna is a Plant which has unique red to brown coloured dye which women love to wear on hands and head. Like many Asian Pakistani, Indian or Muslim girls, this fashion is being popular among many other different parts of the world. It’s a type of temporary tattoos which are applied wet on... Read more »