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10 Tempting Food Streets In Pakistan

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Pakistani people love food, especially street foods. There are lots of variety of street foods like chana chaat, gol gappy, burger, cream chaat and more. Street food is one of the ways to taste the flavor of every city. Pakistani people love to spend their time with each other and enjoy street foods. People who come to visit Pakistan, love the street foods. There are a lot of big restaurants that provide quality food but street food in Pakistan has its own value. If you are in Pakistan or nearly come to visit Pakistan, then must enjoy our street foods. Here you can find the top 10 food streets in Pakistan.

These popular food streets in Pakistan provide quality food and a good environment. From the air-conditioned family room to the opened-air hall, people enjoy dine-in. Here are the top food streets in Pakistan below:

Top 10 Food Streets In Pakistan

Check out these top food streets in Pakistan that will definitely help your hungry stomach to fulfil its need. Let’s check them below:

10, Anarkali Bazaar (Lahore)

Anarkali Bazaar (Lahore)Anarkali Bazaar is one of the famous bazaars in Lahore. It is located on Mall Road. The bazaar is famous for shopping on a budget. The food street along with Anarkali Bazaar is also famous. It is famous for traditional foods. All kind of street food is available there like gol gappy, fast food and juices. If you love Falooda and ice cream then must try Falooda at this food street. You will never get the same taste anywhere.

9, Hussainabad (Karachi)


Hussainabad (Karachi)Hussainabad is one of the major food streets in Karachi. It is located in Azizabad. The food street is famous for its taste and food. There is always a rush on the street and people love to have food with friends and family. It is famous for koyla karahi and biryani. All kind of Pakistani, Chinese, and BBq food is available at Hussainabad. If you visit there, they must have ice cream and sweet masala pan after dinner or lunch.

8, Melody Food Street (Islamabad)


Melody Food Street (Islamabad)Melody Food Street is located in G-6, Islamabad. A Melody food market is an ideal place for visitors. All types of Pakistani, Chinese, and desi cuisine are available on this street. It is famous for traditional food like daal chawal, cool karahi, and fast food. You can easily enjoy there with friends and family.

7, M.M Alam Road (Lahore)


M.M Alam Road (Lahore)M. Alam Road is famous for big restaurants and cafes. It is a popular food street in Lahore. It hosts a variety of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines. From desi foods to continental foods, this food street is famous among all. The list of major restaurants at M.M. Alam Road is Burger Hub, La Atrium, Café Alyanto, and more.

6, Boat Basin (Karachi)


Boat Basin (Karachi)Boat Basin is one of the famous food streets near Clifton, Karachi. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy the air-conditioned atmosphere to the open-air environment. Boat Basin hosts many ideal foods for visitors such as nihari, ice cream, fast food, karahi, and biryani. Whenever you visit Boat Basin, you will definitely find a rush on the street.

5, Qissa Khawani (Peshawar)


Qissa Khawani (Peshawar)Qissa Khawani Food Street is located in Peshawar. The food street is famous for its delicious food like katakat. Fish katakat is a famous dish at Qissa Khawani. This food street represents the culture of Peshawar. It is an ideal place where you can enjoy with family and friends. There are a lot of foods such as chicken fry, desi food, and seafood at this food street.

4, Gawalmandi (Lahore)


Gawalmandi (Lahore)Gawalmandi is a popular food street in Lahore. It is known as a major food street where people enjoy fresh food in a lovely atmosphere. It is also known as Sarak-Khorak Gawalmandi. This place is famous for desi cuisine, Chinese and traditional food. If you visit the place then must enjoy Pakistani food. The taste is so classy at very low rates.

3, Burns Road (Karachi)


Burns Road (Karachi)Karachi is called the light of the city. People love to spend time on food streets in the night. There are many places in Karachi that are famous but Burns Road is one of the most popular streets. It is famous for street foods like chana chaat, Pani puri, and Dahi baray. You can enjoy Pakistani, Chinese, and continental food at big restaurants there.

2, Fort Road (Lahore)


Fort Road (Lahore)Fort Road Food Street is located between Fort Road and Roshnai Gate in Lahore. The street hosts a variety of food with a view of Badshahi Mosque. The street is famous for all kinds of food in one place. From street food like chana chaat and pani puri to restaurant foods like Chinese and Pakistani is a specialty of Fort Road.

1, Port Grand (Karachi)


Port Grand (Karachi)Port Grand is the best food street in Karachi. It is a seaport food street where people love to spend their time with friends and family. This food street is a perfect place for dinner and tea parties. People can enjoy all kinds of desi, Chinese, Pakistani, and street food with a view of the seaside at Port Grand.


So, these were the top listed food streets in Pakistan. All the food streets are famous for their specialty. The food streets offer all kinds of foods with a great atmosphere.



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