The bike is the most used ride in the world, and its demand is increasing every other day. According to a survey, Pakistan ranks 5th with the highest number of cyclists in the world. Almost 19 million vehicles run on the road, and 16 million are only bikes. As various methods are employed to improve lifestyle, the tendency of people towards purchasing bikes is on the rise because it is the simplest and cheapest option for daily commuters. I compiled a list of the top 10 budget-friendly bikes for Pakistani riders in this post. Let’s dive into the post below:

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Bikes for Pakistani Riders

Suzuki GS 150

Budget-Friendly Bikes

Suzuki GS 150 is among the most running bikes on Pakistani roads. It is like a workhorse and is an excellent choice for nominal people. It gives maximum mileage in minimum fuel, which makes it an ideal choice for everyone.

Powered by a powerful engine, it delivers energetic performance to its rider. Its air-cooled, single-cylinder engine gives what most of the commuters need. It is a reliable motorbike that helps to maintain speed comfortably in city traffic and highways. Overall, the exceptional look and catchy design of the GS 125 are enough to get the attention.

The spare parts of the Suzuki GS 150 are available in the Pakistani market. As it is an inexpensive bike, you will find it at a price tag of around 1.5 lacs.

Honda CB 125


Honda is the most preferred bike brand in Pakistan. The demand for Honda bikes is increasing because of their reliability. The Honda CB 125 is the most comfortable yet affordable bike in Pakistan. Youngsters prefer Honda bikes because they are the most comfortable ride for daily commuting.

If we talk about its engine, the air-cooled 5-speed transmission engine gives good average fuel consumption.

The new version of the Honda CB 125 is attractive. The body of the CB 125 is designed with red and black colors and has some tweaks. Black print on silencer with big-sized wheels gives an elegant look. It has a super catchy appearance to steal the attention while riding down the street.

Due to its popularity, the spare parts for the Honda CB 125 are readily available in the local market. The price of this bike in the Pakistani market is approximately Rs. 4 lacs.

Yamaha YB 125

Budget-Friendly Bikes

The Yamaha YB 125 strikes between personality and practicality. It caters to the rider’s needs seeking a stylish yet affordable bike that offers more value than traditional options. Despite its sportier look, it is sculpted with a decent outlook, like sharp headlights, stylish alloy wheels, and a graphical fuel tank.

The Yamaha YB 125 boasts a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. It delivers high-end performance and a more comfortable riding experience in contrast to its competitors in the market. However, it might not satisfy hyper-focused riders, but it still offers impressive mileage without sacrificing fuel consumption.

The Yamaha YB 125 is a feature-rich bike assembled with an instrument cluster to provide essential speed and fuel level information. While the YB 125 may not be a heavy machine, it offers slightly more power than entry-level bikes. The price of the Yamaha YB 125 is around Rs. 4 lacs, and its spare parts are also available in the market.

United US 125

If you are a rider and want a touch of aesthetic look alongside the high performance, the United US 125 is worth considering. It offers an all-rounder package that blends performance, comfort and affordability. This United US 125 is the best option for many Pakistani riders because of its dynamic personality.

It has a Euro II engine that delivers exceptional performance and fuel efficiency. It has a sleek and compact design, making it a reliable yet affordable option for daily commuters. United US 125 offers reliable maneuverability to enjoy a thrilling riding experience.

Despite its top competitors in the market, the United US 125 is the most demanding option for city streets and highways. You can find its spare parts easily in the local market, while the price of United US 125 is around Rs. 1.65 lacs.

Road Prince RP 70 Passion Plus

Budget-Friendly Bikes

Road Prince RP 70 is a budget-friendly workhorse available in Pakistan. It is a familiar sight on Pakistani roads because of its reliability. Holding a marked place in markets, it offers functionality instead of an aesthetic look. This RP 70 motorcycle is suitable for daily tasks and shorter commutes because of its upright riding position.

The ready availability of spare parts makes Road Price RP 70 Passion Plus one of the most demanding options. Although it does not have flashy features and a modern aesthetic look, it offers the bare needs of basic transportation.

The price of Road Prince RP 70 is around Rs. 1.19 lac, which is perfect for those with tight budgets and financial constraints.

Honda CG 125

Honda is not a household name but has been known for decades for high-quality performance and reliability. People blindly trust Honda 70 and 125 for riding on Pakistani roads. With new and fresh models emerging every year, Honda CG 125 is always the top priority of Pakistani people.

It possesses some of the amazing features and a strong engine. Its fuel-efficient engine helps it achieve impressive mileage on city streets and highways. CG 125 thrives in a harsh condition effectively and requires only minimal maintenance on time.

As far as the design is concerned, there have been no significant changes over time. However, its sleek and stylish body makes it prominent in the market. The cost of the Honda CG 125 is approximately Rs. 2.34 lacs.

Suzuki GD 110

Budget-Friendly Bikes

The Suzuki GD110 is built for those seeking a comfortable and smooth ride to fulfill their daily obligations. Whether touring around the city or exploring the beauty of the countryside, the Suzuki GD 110 delivers powerful engine performance and fuel economy.

Due to its innovative features, it is precisely designed for utmost durability to deliver top speed and magnificent mileage. Suzuki GD 110 has a contemporary sporty look with an aerodynamic design. The price of the Suzuki GD 110 is around Rs. 1.2 – 3.7 lacs and its spare parts can be easily found in the local markets.

Super Power SP 70

When it comes to budget-friendly bikes, it is necessary to mention the model – Super Power Super 70. Even after increasing fierce market competition, SP 70 has always maintained its reputation by giving a competitive advantage to its customers. This bike is not only powerful in terms of engine, but it has no difference in durability.

The elite design and color gradient of Super Power SP 70 is enough to attract people’s attention. Whether you want to move around in the city or on the highway, the SP 70 also gives reliable mileage in terms of fuel consumption.

Even after being the most demanding motorbike, it is still affordable for everyone with a tight budget. As its spare parts are available everywhere, the maintenance of SP 70 is hassle-free. The price of SP 70 in the market is around Rs. 1.12 lacs.

Hi-Speed SR 125

Budget-Friendly Bikes

Are you looking for an affordable yet reliable motorcycle for riding in a bustling city in Pakistan? Look no further than the Hi-Speed SR 125. This Pakistani-made conveyance provides practicality and efficiency with your budget.

Packed with impressive features and a strong engine, the SR 125 delivers a fast speed of 100 km/h while saving on fuel consumption. With its sleek and Streamlined design alongside the sharpness on its edges, the SR 125 gives a sportier look.

Moreover, the company has designed its body in a way to provides comfortable riding over uneven and bumpy roads. It is a cost-effective bike with high-end performance – what else do you want? The price of Hi-Speed SR 125 cost you around Rs. 1.7 lacs.

Unique UD 70

Last but not least, in terms of manifestation and quality, the Unique UD 70 is an all-rounder for city commutes and highway cruises. It is the most admired motorcycle in Pakistan and delivers unparalleled engine performance, mileage, and efficiency.

Furthermore, it adheres to ordinary design and shape, the new models feature little graphical changes and color gradients. Unique UD 70 is appreciated by those who look forward to a comfortable ride to improve their travel experience without exceeding the budget. The Unique UD 70 is accessible at a low price rate of Rs. 1.19 lacs.


The top 10 budget-friendly bikes for Pakistani riders above are the most prominent options in the market. These bikes are in high demand due to their fuel efficiency, powerful engines, and elite and classy look. If you are looking for a bike for your daily use, check out their specifications here. You will get your hands on your bike without spending much.