Jazz Internet Packages 2023 - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Bundles


A: By dialing *2000#, you can subscribe to the Monthly Premium offer for 30 days.

A: Customers can subscribe to any desirable internet package by dialing *444#.

A: Jazz offers an accessible mode of Facebook through which users can publish posts, comments, and pictures. The free Facebook does not allow you to see photos and videos.

A: There is a 15% income tax on every Jazz load.

Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz is one of the leading cellular service providers in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of Jazz internet packages to its customers. The company has various prepaid and postpaid plans, which provide different benefits. They also offer unlimited data plans for those who want to use the internet extensively.

Jazz Internet Packages 2023

Jazz offers its customers different daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages. They also offer special discounts on their internet packages from time to time.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz offers a variety of Jazz 1-day internet packages for prepaid customers. Many packages only provide internet data, while some offer calls and SMS.

Youtube and Social Offer is the cheapest daily net package. It offers 1.5GB of data for Facebook and Whatsapp, as well as streaming videos on Youtube. This package is available for Rs. 23/-.

The second one-day internet package is the Mega daily package. It offers 1GB of data for surfing the internet, downloading files, and streaming videos for Rs. 35/-. The Daily Extreme Internet package is perfect for midnight users because it provides 2GB of data from 12 AM – 8 PM at Rs. 18/-.

Jazz has a variety of daily internet packages for limited cities of Sindh, KPK, and Punjab for less than Rs. 15/-. There are various all-in-all offers, like Daily Day Bundle. It gives 20MB of data with 300 Jazz minutes and 300 SMS at Rs. 17/-.

Jazz has now introduced free Whatsapp and Facebook data for its customers. This Offer is valid for all Jazz customers who subscribe to any of the daily internet packages. This is an excellent offer for those who use social media platforms frequently.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz is now offering weekly internet packages at an affordable price. It has introduced different data bundles for its customers to choose from according to their needs.

The first Offer is 4GB data and 50 all-network minutes. Users can avail of this Offer by subscribing to the Jazz weekly Premium package for Rs. 212/-. This package allows users to enjoy high-speed internet without any restriction on usage.

For those needing more data, Jazz has also introduced a 10GB, including a 1GB WhatsApp weekly offer for Rs. 287/-. The weekly Mega Plus offers 25GB data (10GB for 2 AM-2 PM) at Rs. 338/-. This package is perfect for heavy-duty tasks such as downloading and gaming.

Jazz also introduced its weekly Youtube and Social package for the social enthusiast. This Offer provides 5GB of data for all your social media, such as IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook.

All-in-all, Jazz packages, such as weekly Social Plus, offer excellent value. This Offer gives 8GB social data, 500 Jazz minutes, 25 Off-net minutes, and 500 SMS at Rs. 195/-.

There are many Weekly packages to choose from All Network package, Hybrid, and Super Duper. You can also get 12GB data plus 5000 Jazz minutes and SMS by subscribing to weekly Super Plus offers at Rs. 282/-.

Weekly Super Max also allows you to browse the internet by giving 30GB of data and voice and SMS at Rs. 337/-. Jazz is now offering a new all-in-one package for different cities. The Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package provides 1000 minutes and 1GB of data for limited cities of Pakistan at Rs. 120/-.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz offers various monthly internet packages at different price points. They have a wide array of package options to cater to the needs of other users.

There are various Jazz monthly net packages. The lighter one is Monthly Browser, which gives 2GB of data for a whole month at Rs. 126/-. There is another Monthly Mega Plus package at Rs. 458/-. This package includes 12GB of data, of which 6GB of data is for 2 AM – 2 PM.

The Monthly Supreme package gives you hassle-free browsing with 24GB of data at Rs. 699/-. This package also includes 12GB data for 2 AM- 2 PM). Jazz Monthly Premium is for you if you are a heavy internet user and want interrupted internet for a long day. It offers 25GB of data plus 300 all-network minutes at Rs. 739/-.

For those, who want all-in-all monthly packages, the Monthly Super Duper package is for them. It provides 12GB data, 3000 On-Net minutes, 300 Off-Net minutes, and 3000 SMS at Rs. 780/-.

Jazz also offers location-based packages like the super Mahana Offer. It gives 10GB data, 5000 Jazz minutes, 150 other network minutes, and 5000 SMS at Rs. 454/-. One of the most popular Jazz monthly all-in-all packages, Monthly Max, gives 25GB data with 10000 ON-Net minutes and SMS with 500 Other minutes at Rs. 955/-.

Monthly Hybrid also provides high-quality internet services with fast speed data of 6GB at Rs. 695/-. This offers also includes minutes and SMS. Mahana Bachat Offer is also impressive for everyone who wants big in less amount. It gives 4GB data, 300 Jazz minutes, 40 other minutes, and 2000 SMS at Rs. 149/-.

Jazz Other Internet Packages

Jazz offers various other packages, including internet, calls, and texts. These packages are entirely designed to meet the needs of multiple customers.

The Work From Home Bundle also gives 12GB data with unlimited Jazz minutes at Rs. 132/-. The 3-Day-Max Offer comes with 1GB of data and 100 minutes at Rs 46/-.

Give-A-Bundle is another hit Jazz internet package. It allows you to gift 1GB of data and 100 Jazz minutes to your loved one at Rs. 35/-. Some other popular internet packages by Jazz are Voice Infinity Offer, SIM Lagao offer, and Super Plus.